By @SimonCocking Interview with Vlad Kirichenko, CEO of Jincor

What is your background briefly?

My career focus has always been on the entrepreneurship and ramping up innovative technologies and products. It was when I graduated from a financial university with a bachelor’s degree in economics that I made a firm decision — I want to build up a startup which would really turn the world upside down. Upon graduation in 2013, I set up my first business. Although it wasn’t related to the tech industry yet (in fact, it was related to food ingredients production), that experience gave me a lot. The company turned out to be a successful enterprise with more than $5 mln of cumulative revenue for three years of its existence which gave me some kind of entrepreneurial confidence and made me believe I’m capable of doing something more ambitious and valuable for the society.

Jincor's CEO Vladislav Kirichenko and International ambassador George Paliani in Tokyo

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Then, somewhere in 2015, I got really inspired by the vertical farming technology, which was yet to be adopted in my country. I was amazed to see how this innovation can potentially solve fundamental problems of global scale — especially, the famine and lack of natural resources, and for the year following, I was actively engaged in its promotion among private businesses in Russia.

While doing so, I started to notice major business-related problems — first of all, the hurdles of getting in touch with other companies. It was always very frustrating to reach to them because if you need to find an individual, you just go to Facebook or LinkedIn, but when you need to find a company, there is actually nowhere to go and it turns out to be a real problem. Thus, I decided at first to build a unified platform for business communications.

Later on, with the sudden outbreak of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, it became clear to me that they can address many other issues and pains of doing business, and I completely flung myself into it.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

I’ve always been fascinated by innovative technologies and how dramatically they can change people’s lives, so I can’t really say this shift to blockchain technology from what I’ve done before was kind of unexpected or abrupt to me. However, my strong belief is that a really good management is not about building the product itself — it’s all about building a team capable of doing so, in which the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. And this is what we have really succeeded at: we have a team of world-class professionals, who are sharing the common values and are all very passionate and driven by the opportunity to leave their mark in the tech evolution. I think this is the best key to success ever possible.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

We are building Jincor — a platform which will make smart contracts and cryptocurrency payments genuinely simple for any business. I find it completely unfair that only industry leaders are now able to benefit from the blockchain technology due to its technical complexity and expensiveness, and what we do is creating an easy-to-use and user-oriented product allowing even small-scale companies to accept smart contracts and cryptocurrencies easily with no legal, technical, or operational complications and in a cost-efficient manner.
We already have a working private beta, which is now being tested by more than 30 companies, and plan to release it in public in a couple of weeks. By now, more than 300 businesses from all over the world have already joined the waiting list.

The full feature set of Jincor will include corporate cryptocurrency accounts with multi signatures, smart contract templates, which will make it possible for companies to transfer all the legal and contractual relationships into a trustless blockchain environment, and even a decentralized arbitration system, which will allow settling disputes arising with the execution of smart contracts within the digital jurisdiction.

Overall, our goal is to build a private blockchain and the platform that will make it possible even for a smart enough five-year-old kid to register in Jincor ecosystem, initiate the smart contract and pay to a supplier. And that’s all in a very user-friendly and legal way. In our opinion, this will lead to a complete changeover in the corporate interactions model, which will eliminate injustice, defaults on business commitments, human mistakes factor and make small businesses from all around the world much closer to blockchain technologies and vice versa.

A month in the life of an ICO campaign, Jincor share their experiences

How is the ICO / pre ICO going?

In August we successfully closed our pre-ICO with about $400,000 raised after just a week since the campaign start and sold 4% of all JCR tokens issued. On November, the 15th we start our crowdsale and plan to raise up to $27 millin by selling 76% of our tokens, which will play an integral part in proper platform experience, by the way.

While the basic functionality of Jincor will be free of charge, the access to the most amazing platform features like smart contracts constructor and enterprise cryptocurrency wallets will be provided by a small fee accepted in JCR tokens only.

So, JCR tokens will be intensively used by a growing number of Jincor corporate users thereby giving advantages to our early supporters.

If it all goes to plan, what do you hope to do next?

We have a clear and realistic roadmap with the account of the funds we will manage to raise during the crowdsale. If the hard cap is reached, then we will be able to unleash the full potential of Jincor by developing all of its features by the end of 2018. But it’s important to note that even if the total amount of the funds raised will be much less, we will not stop and there can be no doubts at all — we will continue the development of Jincor platform; it’s just the time frame that will change in this case. However, I’m completely sure that we will succeed at reaching the hard cap.

How can people learn more about what you are doing?

We really do our best to be as open and transparent as possible and are always ready to communicate and answer any questions people may have. We have a Telegram channel which allows getting in touch with any of team members directly, or just posting a question or some feedback. It’s also a good option for anyone willing to know us better to subscribe to our newsletter, which tells about our progress week by week. Moreover, once a month we share a monthly report uncovering what we’ve been up to so far — these reports, as well as our articles on crypto and blockchain, can be found in Jincor blog. But first, it’s better to see some basic documents, of course, including our Whitepaper, Technical Paper, and Busines Summary, which can always be found on our website.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

There is no secret that the driving factor behind any economy is businesses. Since Jincor is a platform aimed at business owners and their employees, our project has the potential to become a toehold in the global shifting from traditional economy to a crypto one, with smart contracts and cryptocurrency payments implemented everywhere, to the world which lefts no room for injustice, fraud, swindlers, human mistakes, and most of the problems which people owning and working for companies are facing today. And we will do whatever it takes to achieve that, to make the spread of these amazing technologies inevitable and unstoppable all over the globe.

Vladislav Kirichenko CEO & Co-Founder

Vladislav is one of the two co-founders of Jincor, a platform for genuinely simple smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions for any business. Within the company, he focuses primarily on strategic planning and business development and also oversees the product design department.

Vladislav was born on June 10, 1991, in Moscow. In 2013, he graduated from Financial Institute under the Government of the Russian Federation with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and that is when his first entrepreneurial experience took place: along with his friend and coursemate Vagan Abelyan, Vladislav set up his first company — Triumph, LLC, which was engaged in milk production and wholesale trade. Cumulative revenue for the
three years of its existence amounted to more than $5 mln.

In July 2015, Vladislav got inspired by the agriculture and bio technologies, and for the year following he was engaged in the promotion of vertical farming, which is widely used in the agricultural field, genetic studies, breeding, and VLP vaccines production.

In May 2016 Vladislav set up Jincor.

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