In a world of fast-moving ICOs (initial coin offerings) it is interesting to try and make sense of what is happening, how things progress, and what happens before, during and after these various rounds of preICO, and general ICO rounds. Below is a guest post from Jincor, illustrating their experiences from their own ICO project.

Business Showcase : Jincor

We’re pleased to keep you up to the date on the progress we’ve made after the successfully finished pre-ICO. In this report you can check out our general updates, final ICO terms, and details about bounty campaign start.


It was just a couple of weeks ago that we had only ten people in the team. We were completely focused on the product development and testing, and we had neither marketing department nor support staff. Pre-ICO campaign run by our own efforts gave us an opportunity to hire excellent professionals, that we had lacked so much.

During the last 3 weeks, our team has grown from 10 to 19 people. We have significantly strengthened our tech team with four talented software engineers and established a marketing department so that we could get even more focused on the product itself, as well as partnerships with major corporations that will allow us to create one of the key Jincor’s values — digital verification for all customers and, as follows, compliance of the product with regulatory requirements. Our final goal here involves 21 people in the staff, so we have only two more positions to close. And we will certainly do it in the nearest future.

Product updates

We have promised our contributors and potential customers to release a public beta of the platform until ICO starts. And we will keep this promise. At the moment all of our tech talents are focused on final improvements of the platform and fixing of minor bugs that have been spotted by the companies testing our closed beta (about 30 businesses from all around the world):

  • ICO tech support: we have developed a smart contract for the ICO campaign and started internal testing. This smart contract will allow us to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum, handle bonus programs. It also has a lot of minor improvements and optimisations in comparison to pre-ICO smart contract (meaning less gas usage for investors). Meanwhile, we are continuously researching and discussing security of ICO contracts.
  • Verification: we have extracted verification of emails\phone numbers\2 factor into separate web services and will open the source code soon. This service can be used in any project which requires phone\email verification. Because of this extraction it works much faster and can handle more concurrent connections. We will use this verification service not only in the main product but in investor’s panel, as well.
  • Auth: a lot of fixes and modifications in the authentication\authorization service have been done. These improvements are almost connected to service-to-service auth and working with tenants.
  • Infrastructure: In order to provide 24/7 uptime of our landing pages, investor’s panel, and product, we have reached an agreement with ITSumma Ltd (, which will take care of Jincor infrastructure this time. Also, we will work together to manage development, testing and distribution workflows, as well as service monitoring and technical support.
  • Frontend: Frontend team has started internationalization of our front-end applications and implemented message grouping in messenger; “cards” of employees can be now opened from the messenger directly, huge security updates have been made. We have also made a big refactoring to keep things clean and consistent across the projects.
  • Boilerplates: Jincor team continues to work with our open source libraries which we use in our projects. This month we have updated the so called “static boilerplate”, which we use to create our landing pages. This boilerplate allows to start new frontend projects with all the tools and structure needed just in few seconds.
  • Landing pages: There were two landing pages during our pre-ICO campaign, and now we have started developing new landing pages for the upcoming ICO. This time we’ve got a lot of notes from marketing department and SEO specialists. To solve the problems highlighted by them we have decided to use SSR (server side rendering) in our landing pages and are currently adopting our boilerplates and infrastructure.
  • Private blockchain: we have started working on the Certificate Authority implementation. This will allow us to register identities in blockchain, issue enrollment and transaction certificates, providing both anonymity and unlinkability.
  • Investors panel: our team has formalized technical specifications of investor’s panel and started backend development.

Besides this, we are currently conducting negotiations with several large-scale international companies, banks, and foundations, which are interested in using our platform and carrying it to the mass consumer via partnership programs. As soon as the first agreements are reached, we will certainly let you know via our community channels.

Legal updates

We have finalized our jurisdiction requirements for establishing a subsidiary company to run the ICO. There are only three jurisdictions that meet these requirements and we are now making our choice.

At the moment we are also having final negotiations with a well-known international law firm, which is going to become our legal consultant. We will provide details on the planned legal structure as soon as we start the company registration process.

ICO terms

ICO date: Nov 1st 12:00 (GMT+3) — Dec 15th 12:00 (GMT+3)

Min Cap: $2,500,000

Max Cap: $26,600,000

Number of tokens: 26,600,000 JCR (76% from total 35,000,000 supply)

Price per 1 JCR: $1

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH

Minimum investment: 1 ETH

You can find this information in our updated white paper and business summary which you can find on our web-site. We will keep you in the loop about more specific crowdsale details and share detailed business plan revealing all major financial aspects of the upcoming ICO and further development of the product in the nearest future.


Thinking about making a contribution, but personal communication is a must for you? This autumn Jincor’s team members can be met in various countries.

Over the last two weeks, we have already visited Stockholm (06–09.09) and Zurich (13–15.09). Here are our roadshow plans for the rest of September:

• Dubai — 25–26.09

• London — 25–26.09

• Tokyo — 27–28.09

And the list will follow in October. Want to schedule an individual meeting with the team to know the product and people behind it better? Ping us on Telegram chat.

Bounty Campaign

Want to be a part of Jincor and help to promote our project? Participate in our bounty campaign to get JCR tokens. For more details read our campaign announcement:

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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