A new app on Android and iOS which wants to make it easier for friends to organise events and get together. “But we have Facebook Events? Why can’t we just organise things on Facebook if we have that already?”

Well one of the problems with Facebook Events is that they tend to get lost in your feed, especially with Facebook’s sketchy algorithm which has a tendency to throw up events to the top of your feed when they are hours or days old.

Stephen Malone is the creator of a new app called Jibbr which has soft launched over the past few months and has built up a loyal user base. He came up with the idea after finding it frustrating trying to organise events with friends.

“A little over a year ago we came up with the concept of Jibbr. What led me to the idea was the constant struggle and long winded process my friends and I would face while trying to organise things with each other. We kept running into the same issues when trying to make plans. It’s easy to use things like messaging apps, emails and calls, but we found it would often lead to lengthy threads, plans would disappear in fast moving chat groups and get no air time – this caused clutter and confusion and led to further unnecessary contact.”

Jibbr can help by streamlining all your events and activities in the one place so that you can clearly see what is coming up, when it is coming up and who is attending. Users do have to register their phone number when setting up and you will be sent a pin number via text to enter into the app before using it.

Once you enter the pin number it is simply a case of adding a photo to your profile to complete it and then you are done. You can set up activities, request favours and there is even a calendar view to see what is coming up too.


The only thing that kind of threw me a bit is that you need to long press the plus button at the bottom and then slide your finger over to activity or favor. Simply pressing the plus buttons will cause the two options to pop up and then instantly disappear from the screen. Its not a big deal of course, it is not a flaw or bug, but it just caught me out initially.

You can set up all kinds of parameters when creating an event such as time, location, date, there is even an option to add money when asking for a favor.




When you set up an event you can send it to a friend even if they are not on Jibbr. Create the event and then send it to a contact through the app, they will receive an SMS with a link to download the app and when they download the app and register the event will be there waiting for them.

Users can discuss events in the Jibbr app and then they can confirm if they are taking part or not. Jibbr will send a notification before the event starts as a reminder so you don’t forget.



Jibbr is definitely an efficient way of organising events and activities because the app places the event at the focal point of attention and as a result conversation will flow around the event, it removes a lot of the mess that we can experience when using other ways of arranging meet ups via text or various social media platforms.

Since Jibbr has soft launched their first version of the app they have seen a loyal user base grow and finalise plans with 5+ friends in less than 10 minutes with a wide variety of events from wake boarding to family reunions being organised through the app.

Stephen says that over 2,000 plans have been made via the app already and that the value Jibbr provides to its users will increase as the service improves.

“While messaging will always be a ubiquitous part of our lives, Jibbr fills the void left by multiple social messaging apps and gives people a fast and efficient way to organise plans with their friends they typically do things with.

So far over 2000 plans have been made on Jibbr in a relatively small time frame. It is our first version so we have plenty of work to do to improve Jibbr and increase the value it provides to its users.”

Apps are becoming a hard sell. There are so many apps now flooding the App Store and Google Play it can be hard to stand out from the rest. A lot of apps offer similar functionalities too just presented in different ways.

Jibbr does a great job of making it easy to organise and streamline events which could be especially useful for example to those who have a busy event schedule in university.

We are organising more and more events online using social tools, birthdays, parties, holidays, reunions and more. Jibbr removes the chaos from planning and organising and lets you have a birds eye view of what is coming up on your social calendar.

You can check out the Jibbr site and download the Jibbr App on the App Store and Google Play below.


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