Google has released the latest set of figures showing the percentage breakdown of what versions of Android people are using on their devices. The figures are collected over a 7 day period by identifying devices that visit the Google Play Store within that time. Devices running an Android version below 2.2 are not included as they cannot run the new version of the Play Store App. In total though that’s less than 1% of devices.

Jelly Bean has been on a charge of late and that seems to be continuing with the latest figures. There is still a huge chunk of the pie made up of devices running Gingerbread, probably consisting of a lot of the cheap, low powered devices that Google has taken aim at with KitKat. The figures show that the issue of fragmentation is improving but there is still an awful lot of work to be done. 2.3.3 Gingerbread launched in February 2011 which means a near 3 year old OS is still circulating on over a quarter of Android devices.


Android Versions


You can read through the full set of figures and other stats gathered during the collection period here on the Android Developers website.

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