It didn’t take long for KitKat to be dismantled by the Custom ROM community. After a couple of hours APK versions of the Launcher, Hangouts and the Camera were available to install.

One Dev has taken things a step further and combined all of the system Apps pulled from KitKat and merged them with the Google Play Edition 4.3 ROM for the HTC One. So as the title says, it’s a taste rather than a full on 4.4 ROM.

If you are feeling experimental you can find all the details on the XDA forum here. You’ll need to have a rooted device and the usual caveats apply when installing a custom ROM.

On a more official note, HTC have announced that we should all being seeing 4.4 within 90 days! That’s a pretty impressive timeline if it proves to be accurate but no doubt the Networks will hold that up for many months longer in their usual annoying fashion!




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