[email protected] today called on Start Ups and multinationals from across the region to participate in DealStart 3.0. The programme, which will take place in Vertigo, County Hall on 27 May, gives 10 startups the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to 10 multinational corporations.

DealStart helps fledging businesses grow by matching them with mentors in the area of procurement and business development. The programme also enables the organisations involved to share information, insights and expertise on procurement with small enterprises.

“With DealStart, [email protected] aims to be a catalyst for dialogue between the startup community and multinationals in the region with the aim of creating commercial engagements, and providing access to management and procurement teams in global organisations,” explains Ronan Murphy, Chairman [email protected] European Tech Cluster.

“DealStart has been a huge success since it started, with a number of SMEs securing global access, sales, references and advice, growing their business in the process. The collaboration of multinationals and indigenous startups is innovative and powerful and we would encourage every tech startups to apply for DealStart 3.0,” he added.

Multinationals who have participated in the past include EMC, IBM, Trend Micro, VMWare, Qualcomm and Dell.

“Startups often have terrific ideas that offer a lot of value, but struggle to get their message across. Securing just one commercial engagement with a big name company can be of enormous help to the startup and this is what DealStart 3.0 endeavours to provide,” said Gwen Burchell, EMC and programme co-ordinator of DealStart 3.0.

“This programme gives startups access to global corporations and fast-tracks them to success in winning deals with large organisations,” she added.

For further information or to apply to participate in DealStart 3.0 visit [email protected].

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