Is it necessary to keep a data backup and is it worth it in the long run from a business perspective? Well, it is. In this article, you shall learn about the importance of keeping a data back up and why you should invest your time and money on it. You shall get a detailed and in-depth look at the various statistics regarding data losses and how it can impact your business, regardless of your business type.

Data Loss Is Huge

Today, data loss is a quite common occurrence, so much so, that many insurance companies even add coverage for data losses in their list of services provided. Although it is mostly about the loss of big data, various small businesses also face almost as much hardship and difficulties with lesser resources and funds than the bigger companies. Data loss can involve various forms of malicious and harmful elements like ransomware, viruses, malware, hackers, spyware and even at times their employees – current and former. Each of these elements is a potential threat which reflects the fact why it is essential to keep data backups. However, you will be relieved to know that today it is quite affordable to get data recovery services which will ensure that your data is not lost and backups are readily available.

Data Backup and how it has changed

In the days of the past, you would have to fumble with your special compact discs and your pen drives which you would plug into the USB port of your computer. But today, those days of uncertainties are long gone, these days backing up your data is relatively a more simple process, and it is fast and more efficient.  The advent of cloud services helps to store away essential data about your business online in cyberspace, these services store your data virtually, meaning that physical drives or discs are not necessary anymore, thereby, negating the risk of getting these physical drives or discs lost somehow.

One of the major problems that business owners encountered in the past was regarding a large amount of time that it took them to copy all the different files onto your hard drives. Today, data backup is being done by simply uploading all the files via the internet onto your cloud folders. Other processes involve data replication or direct imaging of your data, which simply takes a photo of all your data. These processes are quite faster and capture everything and then go on to store them up electronically and safely in their clouds. If you suffer any form of data losses, then the image from your data will restore all your previous data easily and effortlessly.

Understanding the process of Data Replication

Data replication simply uses a form of technology which can interpret and also go on to recreate the data based on an image. That process makes your data backup process a snap- quite literally. With the advancements in technology and its improvements, data backup via the process of data replication will remove most of the old hindrances and barriers which used to affect backing data up previously. Those were mostly:

  • The long amount of time which needed to be invested to copy files
  • The dangers of losing your data if your files did not correctly copy, or to save data over other data, and then there were issues of disk contamination.
  • Today the processes do not even involve disks, and thus data gets stored more strategically. As the process today is not about copying your files, it is a lot faster than what it used to be earlier.

The Costs of Data Losses

Unofficial estimates have shown that the net worth of the total losses due to data loss can run into almost 2 billion dollars in a financial year. That is a huge amount. Such a grand scale of loss can put thousands of small businesses completely ruined. For bigger companies, data loss can result in a huge loss of revenue. Data loss is a serious problem that can affect companies at a moment’s notice. Thus for these reasons you need to be completely prepared for all form of cyber threats and prevent your data from getting stolen or corrupted.

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Wrapping up

In today’s age, all businesses require proper technological support to make their businesses more fruitful and prosperous. It is imperative that business owners like yourself keep proper back up of your essential business data as a security measure against data corruption, data theft or any form of data loss. Companies cannot afford to suffer from data loss as it can potentially eradicate their businesses. Cloud services are most helpful in this regard as they safely store all your necessary information about your business under one secure location in cyberspace. Hopefully, from this article, you will have understood the necessities and the benefits of having a secure cloud service for your business.

Author bio:

Sujain Thomas is an experienced market research and business consultant who has written about various aspects of business management for various websites and blogs; she specializes in technological advantages of business management and how technology can help business owners to manage their businesses more efficiently. Sujain recommends you to visit to get the best professional IT services for your business purposes, including getting a secured cloud service from them to store your business data safely.



Prepared and edited by @EdinaZejnilovic, Journalism Student at DCU

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