In Ireland, audience measurement has remained the same for decades but that is all about to change thanks to new Irish tech start-up Engager.

Engager is a state of the art software that monitors real-time social engagement with TV and radio shows, garnering sentiment and interaction stats.

While TV ratings continue to be gathered through 1050 set top boxes and radio ratings collected every three months via phone and door-to-door surveys, Engager brings audience measurement into the digital age.

RTÉ presenter Emma O’Driscoll is one of Engager’s founding foursome.

Emma, along with business partner TV Producer Martin Crehan, has over 12 years’ experience in the broadcasting industry.

The concept for Engager was born while the pair worked on pitching Entertainment formats to some of the industry’s leading broadcasters. Hearing the repetition of phrases like, “If it’s not being talked about on Twitter it’s not being watched” and “you have to measure in order to monetise”, they decided to change the conversation.

As viewing audiences are more vocal now than ever before – 85% of Twitter users active during prime-time tweet about TV shows – Engager is the tool to accurately monitor this.

The award winning user interface now allows TV networks, production companies, advertising agencies and distributors, to cut-through the noise with detailed demographics, explanations for engagement spikes and sentiment analysis.

Engager also promises to give those shows with a cult following online the recognition they fail to receive in the current system.

With competitor analysis also available, you can not only monitor a show’s audience but also compare a shows performance with others being aired across various networks at the same time.

The current team includes, Charlie Byrne (CEO), previously of Maples and Calder Marketing and Business Development, Brian Sexton (CTO) with a background in software development and business analysis and Aisling O’Reilly (COO) who recently moved from Aviation Finance within Maples and Calder to join the Engager team.

Charlie: “Engager secured a pre-seed investment during August 2015. Following the upcoming product launch on Tuesday, 4 October, we will open our seed investment round. This will assist Engager in further developing the product and securing a foothold in both the Irish and UK markets.”

Emma: “We are currently trialing it with RTE, Shinawil and Straywave Media. We’re really excited about it, we have focused on having the most user friendly experience and our dashboard has won a design award.”

“It’s a slight change in direction for us but we’ve had a hugely positive response from everyone in the industry. We still love creating content and we’re not going to stop developing our ideas. The dream would be to have our own show trending on the Engager platform.”

Martin: “We are starting with TV but we plan to roll it out to radio next year. As well as measuring how many people are talking about a show we can also measure how they feel about a show with our sentiment analysis tool. We believe people in the industry will find it really useful and that it will help broadcasters to future proof their businesses.”

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