Dublin-based tech company Phonovation received the Cyber Solution of the Year 2017 Award at last week’s Cyber Threat Summit for their suite of Cyber Security products, PhonoSecure. Within the suite, a newly developed and patented software called ‘STOP’ helps to prevent phone users from having their phone’s SIM technology hacked. The company’s CEO, Gavin Carpenter, was on hand on Tuesday October 24th to receive the award at the major conference at the Helix in Dublin City University.

Phonovation was set up in 1988 and has become one of Ireland’s leading cyber security firms over the last 30 years. Developed in Ireland, their new STOP technology has been a ground-breaking success for the company.

STOP stands for SIM Take Over Protection which has modernised common tech security practices such as using banking fobs and pins which are now seen as outdated and unsecure. STOP software is identity proving via the use of mobile networks.

STOP essentially protects the phone user from potential SIM hacking and offers an innovative and secure solution to cybercrime which is on the rise in Ireland.  Fraudsters can convince phone store staff members that they are you. They are then issued a new SIM with your mobile number and straight away your profile and security details are compromised. This means that the thief can now access your internet banking, set themselves up as a payee and empty your bank account.

Speaking at the award ceremony last Tuesday night, Gavin Carpenter said; “It really means a lot to receive such an award at what is a major event for all of us involved in the cyber security industry. We’ve worked hard ever since the company was established in 1988 to develop technology that would be unique to the market and pushes out the boundaries in terms of offering peace of mind to those who rely on technology, whether it be for business or personal use.

“The introduction of STOP was a really important development for the company as it is something that the Irish market had never seen before, and our main aim is to offer protection to our customers.”

Along with cyber security, Phonovation provides four main communications services: Bulk SMS, IVR, SaaS and Premium Rate Services. Phonovation has grown to become Ireland’s largest and most successful automated voice and SMS provider, processing over 200 million calls and texts per year.

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