The Blockchain based company, Hedge Token, announced a few days ago a partnership with one of the top information platforms in the world, Thomson Reuters. The partnership is to provide the first ever Crypto Index to go live on the Reuters platform. Giovanni Lesna, CCO at Hedge Token, was great to help us understand what that means.

You have a new exciting announcement, would you like to share it?

The exciting news Rick is that Hedge Token is the First Commercial Crypto Index to be streamed live through Thomson Reuters tracking the Crypto Market. We are also being on-boarded to the Morningstar Platform. The ticker is BCC30.

What does that mean to the crypto world?

This means that anyone with access to the Thomson Reuters Eikon trading platform or Morningstar website can now track the movement of 90% of the Crypto market in real-time. The Reuters Eikon Platform gives thousands of Commodity, Bond, Forex, Equity traders, Financial Institutions, Banks, Prop traders access to market data prices in real-time. The reason why this is such a notable achievement is, it’s the first Crypto-linked index to be provided on a mainstream data platform. This is one step closer for Hedge to provide crypto-financial exchange traded fund instruments linked to the Crypto Top 30 index, to the general public. For those not familiar with investment jargon, this means “Mom and Pop” will have easy access to Crypto, from your friend in a 401K Retirement product to your Aunt who has a Mutual fund or your savvy crypto trader brother betting on the market movement; everyone will have access to Crypto.

Why focus on the top 30 cryptocurrencies?

The Buchman Crypto Top 30 covers 90% of the Crypto market by capitalisation. In other words, you have exposures to 90% of all the significant crypto’ s. The way I always put it is, if the Crypto top 30 moves 10%, that means on average, each Crypto in the basket has moved 10%- so you are essentially buying the whole crypto ‘market’ in a risk-diversified basket. You can see this in action, live on our website: .

How is BCC30 benefit Traders and Investors?

This is a low-cost, crypto-diversified portfolio or ‘basket’, all accessible at one-click. The days of having 3 crypto exchanges, multiple wallets, low-liquidity (the ability to turn your crypto into cash) and multiple layers of fees are gone. A one-click platform designed to give the average or beginner investor to the Wolf of Wall Street type trader, access to the Crypto market and crypto financial tools to manage risk, has never been so easy.

How is Hedge Token unique when it comes to the crypto world?

We are unique as we are the first to provide such a novel product. The Buchman Crypto Top 30 is but one, of the full suite of Crypto Indices we are to create. We use a rulebook based approach with Buchman AG, as our Index Sponsor, which aligns with best practices in the Indexing process. Strategic partnerships with (the market-maker and arbitrager), gives us the liquidity and volume needed to pull this off. Many other competitors fail because of liquidity and breaks in their data. We have overcome this easily with this strategic partnership. These are all unique distinguishing factors that will lead Hedge to be the first successful and commercial Retail and Institutional Crypto-financial Index in the World.

What other plans do you have at Hedge Token?

We are in the process of speaking to Country Regulators to licence our Crypto Index as an ETF. We are building strategic partnerships consistently and aim to release additional Indices, to our bouquet by the end of Q4 2017. We have been hard at work building the platform and plan to be listed on additional crypto exchanges by the end of Q4 2017. We have lots of exciting news coming in the next couple of months.

We will be at the KICKICO sponsored CryptoSpace Conference in Moscow, Russia. The biggest Eastern Europe Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference. Come chat to Kristjan or Luka as we speak on Effective Crypto Trading Strategies and Hedge Token’s progress.

Anything else you’d like to add for the readers?

If you want access to Hedge Tokens (HDG), they are listed on Etherdelta and HitBTC with other notable crypto-exchanges to follow.

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