A team of Irish developers will be showcasing their new project at the Consumer Electronics Show in January which promises to integrate physical hand movement into VR gameplay.

The Smart Glove, developed by Tyndall National Institute and the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG), is a new sensor-driven tool destined to allow users to have total control of the virtual world through a worn glove-like device.

They will present their creation at the show in Las Vegas, which will run from 9th to 12th January and will have virtual and augmented reality be the pinnacle of this year’s set up.

According to the Tyndall Institute, the device uses the latest innovative hardware to synchronise hand movements and promises seamless integration with virtual gameplay.

The developers say it will be available for a low cost and is simple to use and wear and is easily washable.

“The smart glove shows how collaboration between experts in hardware and software can lead to game-changing products being developed by Irish R&D institutes,” says Kevin Doolin, director of innovations at TSSG.

“This is a key technology enabler unlocking the ability to create truly immersive VR experiences across a variety of sectors and is making a significant impact with some of the largest technology companies.”

The CES will host a number of tech developers and companies who will introduce an array of new products to the consumer marketplace, with Sony and Samsung, among many others, scheduled to make announcements.

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