Live streaming has become very popular this year and one of the mobile apps leading the way is Periscope which was purchased by Twitter for a reported $100 million in March this year. As people see the potential of Periscope, they start using it for things that four years ago were not achievable. Technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last four years to make this all possible especially the speed of current flagship smartphones. The amount of people using Periscope to stream parts of U2’s American tour shows how Periscope is slowly invading our daily online lives.

Samantha Kelly better known as The Tweeting Goddess, who writes for Irish Tech News offering hints, tips and insights on Twitter, also runs Twitter workshops and is the founder of #irishbizparty & #Britishbizparty. Samantha is very passionate about how Twitter is an important business tool and she regularly organises events for SMEs. Samantha noticed that Periscope is being used to interact with people using Twitter and she had a eureka moment when she thought that rather than interacting with and also promoting business’s on Twitter via Tweets, why not do this via Periscope. Samantha got together with Daniel Ramamoorthy and Irish Startupchat was born.

Daniel is a Co-founder and the CEO of Treehouse, government and startup advisor, consultant to nonprofits, recording artist and musician, radio talk show host, professional voice recording artist, business lecturer and trainer, and entrepreneur. He is also part of Sandbox, is on the Advisory Board for EnterpriseIndia, and is also on the Steering Committee of the India Ireland Business Association.

Daniel and Samantha smiling after the successful launch of Irish Startupchat.

Irish Startupchat aims to interview startups and entrepreneurs as well as offering hints and tips from Daniel, and Samantha. Followers on Twitter can interact with the live show and its guests by offering some tips and also asking questions. Last Tuesday in Third Space at the Y, the second branch of Third Space which recently opened in Aungiers St, Irish Startupchat launched with Daniel, Samantha and myself taking part in the first broadcast.

The broadcast started with each of us introducing ourselves and then Samantha asked people who were watching us to ask us questions via Twitter using #irishstartupchat in their tweets. Whilst waiting for questions to come in Daniel asked Sam and me a few questions which we answered. The questions then started to flow in as you can see below and they were answered by the three of us.

Questions 1Questions 2

The broadcast ran for around 15 minutes with fifty one viewers and that number will increase over the next few broadcasts. Over the next few weeks and months we will see entrepreneurs, new and also established startups being interviewed by Daniel and Samantha.

Last Word

Daniel and Samantha have hit upon a great idea as they realised that Periscope now gives us the chance to have our own TV stations with the broadcasters and viewers deciding the content, and I am sure it won’t be long before we see other Periscope business broadcasts in Ireland and also Periscope workshops.

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