IRISH-AMERICANS across the United States are committed to playing their part in Ireland’s future by using their connections to help create jobs.

Irish Network USA (IN USA) and ConnectIreland reignited their commitment to engage Ireland’s connections at the third annual IN USA Conference which took place this weekend in Boston. The conference convened on Thursday, November 5 and concluded on Sunday, November 8.

Reaching out to Ireland’s global community through their networks, IN USA is integrating Irish Network chapters across the States. There are currently 20 chapters across the US with active efforts underway to launch chapters in 7 additional cities. As reflected in their mission, and made even more evident through the various discussions that took place during Friday’s plenary session, encouraging investment in Ireland, including by building on business links between the US and Ireland, remains at the core of IN USA’s efforts to engage Irish, Irish Americans and “friends” of Ireland throughout the fifty states.

“What ConnectIreland has created is an example of Irish entrepreneurialism at its best,” stated Steve Lenox, President, Irish Network USA. “Our members choose to be a part of our growing network because they want to help build even stronger bonds between Ireland and the US. ConnectIreland has provided an ingenious way for them to do what they’d be doing anyway, but now be rewarded for it! We are excited to continue to build our relationship with ConnectIreland, and to help even more US companies understand why Ireland makes the most sense for their international growth.”

Connect Ireland is the exact kind of company that Irish Network Boston wants to be working with.  They have effectively taken a unique idea that relies on relationship building and facilitation for the benefit of both the US and Ireland.  We are thrilled to have Joanna Murphy join us for the IN USA 2015 conference here in Boston”

ConnectIreland is the company responsible for delivering the Irish government’s Succeed in Ireland initiative in partnership with IDA Ireland. Through the introductions of members of the global Irish community, ConnectIreland works on attracting expanding international companies to Ireland.


ConnectIreland CEO, Joanna Murphy, who travelled to Boston for the launch, said: “We are delighted to renew our commitment with IN USA as the core message of the Irish Network USA is fundamentally aligned with our messaging. We value all the work they have done to date in furthering Ireland’s networks and this ongoing partnership between both organisations is key to developing Ireland’s business offering.”

With chapters across the United States, IN USA is perfectly placed to continue the conversation about doing business in Ireland and encourage members to connect around the globe with a view of promoting Ireland as a business destination.

Register as a connector, introduce a company to ConnectIreland and you could earn a reward of up to €1,500 per job created (maximum 100 jobs).

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