The Insight Centre for Data Analytics was awarded the inaugural Accenture Technology Labs University Grant on Artificial Intelligence.

The research team, led by Professor Barry Smyth, will explore the how humans and machines interact, using cognitive analysis to better understand how both can collaborate and communicate effectively. 

Professor Smyth said, “This award provides a great opportunity for unique interdisciplinary research. It will see computer scientists and statisticians working alongside health scientists to explore new opportunities for cognitive computing techniques to be applied to our exercise and fitness. We envisage a new generation of smart personal digital assistants that will help us to live healthier lives.”

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is one of the largest data research organisations in Europe. With more than 350 researchers and €88 million of funding, it is a significant step in Ireland’s objective to become a global leader in data science research. It is the largest of the SFI-funded research centres with researchers based primarily across DCU, NUI Galway, UCC and UCD.

Insight CEO Oliver Daniels said, “I’d like to congratulate Prof Smyth and his team in UCD. This grant from Accenture signals Insight’s growing importance and profile in the data science space.”

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