Commenting on Irish consumer trends this Black Friday, Kenneth Keogh, Retail Lead at Fujitsu Ireland told Irish Tech News,

“The prediction that this year’s Black Friday will see Irish shoppers spend over €100 million in one day, isn’t surprising after the success we saw last year. In 2016 instead of hitting the high street, digitally savvy-shoppers opted to browse and find their bargains online from the comfort of their homes or workplace and it looks like we are going to see the same again in 2017. This shift in behaviour has been a game changer as it demonstrated that retailers need to look ahead, rather than what had worked previously when shoppers flocked to stores. According to recent research carried out by Fujitsu, The Forgotten Shop Floor, which found 4 in 10 consumers are frequently disappointed by in-store technology, shoppers are demanding a more digital high street experience almost half say in-store tech today is too slow (45%), over a third say it is unreliable (32%), whilst a quarter say there simply isn’t’ enough to handle demand.

Retailers need to look at how their different channels both in store and online can work together to deliver a truly excellent customer experience. Only by putting consumers at the heart of the business, personalising the shopping experience and simplifying the buying process, can retailers hope to win the battle for consumers’ hearts- whether that’s in-store or online.” – Kenneth Keogh, Retail Lead, Fujitsu Ireland

The Forgotten Shop Floor report is available to read here.

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