As 2017 comes to a close, the annual Google Year in Search result gives us a snapshot of what caught the interest of the Irish over the last 12 months.

October’s Hurricane Ophelia was the highest-trending topic of the year, an unsurprising result given its impact at the time on the daily lives of every single person living on this island, and we were similarly interested in Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean (6th overall).

US president, Donald Trump climbed from the fourth spot in 2016 to take second place in this year’s overall ranking. As a result, the Irish asked “What is covfefe?” (President Trump’s mysterious Tweet) and “What is DACA?” (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals that he called to repeal).

The ultimately ill-fated football World Cup qualifying matches between the Republic of Ireland and Denmark were both our top Sporting Event and third overall trending topic, as the country bit its collective fingernails over a long weekend.  The McGregor vs Mayweather fight was the second most popular sporting event, with Irish fans also keen to learn “How to watch McGregor vs Mayweather”.

In terms of movies, the hype around the global phenomenon that was La La Land apparently passed Ireland by, with the multi-Oscar-winning film only reaching 4th place. Instead, our favourite movie search of the year was Christopher Nolan’s Second World War epic Dunkirk, followed by the clown-based horror movie It. The lighter fare of Beauty & The Beast finished off the top three.

The Google Doodle continues to be a big hit in Ireland, with its distinctive illustrations introducing us to the antikythera mechanism (a 2,000-year-old ancient Greek ‘astronomical computer’) and pangolins (an armadillo-like creature which is the world’s most hunted animal) in the “What is…?” category. We’re also big fans of hearty, meaty dishes, with spaghetti Bolognese, chilli con carne and beef stroganoff our most-searched recipes this year.

And then there was slime. Videos demonstrating how to make this gooey substance were viral hits in 2017, and evidently Ireland couldn’t get enough of them: It was the top “How to…” search of the year.

Fionnuala Meehan, Head of Google Ireland, said: “Each year, Google’s Year in Search provides a fascinating snapshot into what we cared about collectively as a country over the preceding 12 months, and this year is no different. Hurricane Ophelia was obviously the big event of 2017 and Irish people turned to Google as a trusted source of vital updates all throughout the incident. We’ve also discovered our love of period movies over musicals, our affection for beefy recipes, and, of course, the continuing enigma that is slime!”


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