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How could I not address this story? iOS 8 was released recently as we all know and while it brings cool new features it was still pretty buggy despite months of beta testing the software and several developer previews. Many people were relieved that iOS 8.0.1 dropped last night however while the software update was intended to fix  the problems of iOS 8 instead it caused chaos.

Basically people who have the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus got caught up with cell service problems where they were getting no reception from the network to make and receive calls and Touch ID was completely disabled. As a result of the problems, Apple quickly pulled the update however it was too late. Twitter freaked out. It doesn’t help that the update comes on the back of reports that the iPhone 6 Plus is bending in peoples pockets.

If you grabbed the iOS 8.0.1 update before it was pulled and you are not on an iPhone 6 (which applies to me as I have an iPhone 5) then you are in luck because the update will fix the problems of iOS 8 without ruining your phone at the same time.

Apple has said they are working on the software now and 8.0.2 is expected to be pushed ASAP. For now, if you have the iPhone 6 and you have updated to 8.0.1 the only solution for you is to downgrade and restore to 8.0, and this folks is the exact reason why we backup our phones before updating.

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