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Twitter has partnered with Amazon again to bring a new way to save things you may want to buy at a later time to your Amazon wish list. The social network website has come together with Amazon in the past when they introduced the hashtag #AmazonBasket (#AmazonCart for U.S. users).

As time ticks on down to the start of the shopping period for the holiday season, the new hashtag to use for your Amazon wish list could not have come at a better time. When you see a tweet with an Amazon link in it, simply reply with the hashtag #AmazonWishList.

The MyAmazon Twitter account will send an auto reply as confirmation and now when you head to check out your wish list on the Amazon website you should see that item present. When the MyAmazon Twitter account replies it will also tell you the stock levels of the item and how you can buy it.

Twitter has been experimenting with how users can buy products from various services via the social media website and confirmed earlier this year that they were testing a buy button. Payments and shipping options have also been seen to appear in the settings menu for some users lately on the app.

It looks as if Twitter is set on getting into the shopping business one way or another.

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