The internet is awash with people complaining of issues relating to trying to upgrade their iOS device to the latest firmware. “Error 3200” seems to be the main culprit for most people and is trending heavily on Twitter now.

Some quarters are reporting that the issue is related to Apple’s servers being overloaded with requests. If this is the case it may become easier to update at a later stage when the rush dies down.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more. If you are having issues it may be a good idea to leave it until tomorrow to try again.

Have you been effected by errors while upgrading to iOS 5? Let us know in the comments below.


Update: I updated an iPhone 4 to iOS 5 this evening and from initial backup to download/ install and complete restore it took a little under an hour. No issues at all to report so it looks like the issues that people were experiencing yesterday were down to server load. One very interesting stat from yesterday was that Internet bandwidth usage in the UK jumped by 20% once iOS went live. A good indication of just how many people hit “update” at the same time! Hopefully everyone out there has updated successfully at this stage. Let us know below if you are still having issues.



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