Love is in the air, everywhere you look around and now, Love can be in your digital wallet too. It’s not even a month since valentines day but it’s never too soon to figure out how to show that special someone you care. It’s hard work, will flowers, chocolates, and a card really work again for another valentines day? Never fear, an enterprising young team may just have the answer to your woes.

On the international day of Love (February 14th), Love Token was given to the world, dreamt up as a fun experiment. Love Token started with a simple premise, show love, get Love Tokens. By the clever usage of a bounty program, people were able to receive Love Tokens by bringing Love (tokens) to the world. Send a #LOVEToken tweet, receive Love Tokens, write a Facebook post about that special someone (Love Tokens), receive Love Tokens and share them with your nearest and dearest to show them just what they mean to you. Love just is that simple.

While the Love Token was started as a bit of fun, the response from the community was so strong, it was clear to the founders that they had to take this further. In an extremely short amount of time, a website was launched, the Love Token was listed on the ForkDelta exchange and most importantly, the valentine’s day raffle was launched. It’s not the first raffle set out in the founders’ roadmap and we’ll delve into what these entail in just a moment. First, let’s meet the team.

Shebin John is the CEO and founder of Love Token, an experienced computer engineer who first cut his teeth working as an SEO expert and as a head of marketing. Shebin has a passion for blockchain and the technology that underpins it, he also invests in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as trading cryptocurrencies. When he’s not working hard on Love Token, you can find Shebin participating in all things crypto on Bitcoin Stack Exchange, StackOverflow, and Quora. With Shebin’s incredible marketing knowledge at the helm of Love Token, anyone who doesn’t know about it soon will.

Next up is Joby Augustine, CTO and founder of Love Token, a computer science engineer who is well versed in such programming languages as C/C++, Java, Javascript, SQL, PHP and most importantly, Solidity (which you may know as the programming language for smart contracts). Joby has a strong interest in big data analysis using Hadoop, Blockchain, android programming, compiler construction and microprocessor programming. Joby is the expert mind behind the raffle and token smart contracts for Love Token.

Last but by no means least is Niyesh Shaji, chief designer for Love Token, another computer science engineer but this time with an eye for making the beneficial beautiful. Niyesh is tasked with making the user interface and user experience as appealing and accessible as possible. A man of many talents, he is well versed in Photoshop, Illustrator, Zbrush, Cinema4D, Aftereffect, Substancepainter, and Keyshot. He is also the founder of Dynamite Arts Studio and you can find his enthralling work on Behance.

Now you know who they are, let’s get acquainted with a key part of their work, raffles.

Love and lady luck go hand in hand, some might even argue that winning with both could give you an equal rush but just what do raffles have to do with Love Token? Raffles are simple, you buy a ticket, you get a chance to win the big prize and you hope and pray you do. With conventional raffles, you MIGHT win but with Love Token’s raffles, everyone’s a winner. As soon as you contribute to the Love Token smart contract, not only do you receive Love Tokens, you stand a chance to win anywhere from 3 to 50 Ethereum! Whether you receive Love Tokens or Love Tokens and Ethereum tokens, everyone’s a winner with Love Token.

Love Token has taken one more exciting twist on a traditional raffle. Every participant can accurately track exactly where they stand in regards to winning the Ethereum tokens with first place (the highest contributor in that raffle) winning up to 50 Ethereum tokens. Second place wins up to 45 Ethereum tokens, third place wins up to 40, with each place decreasing in 5 Ethereum tokens with tenth place winning up to 5! However, prizes aren’t just for the big contributors (we can’t all be crypto whales), for anyone who missed out on a place in the top ten, you still stand a one in ten chance of winning up to 3 Ethereum tokens.

Love Token raffles also give you an incentive to get all those you love involved. Raffle payouts are based on a percentage of how much Ethereum is raised. First place gets 5%, second 4.5%, third 4% and so on, so by getting others involved, not only do you give them the opportunity to win, you increase your potential for bigger winnings. The ten lucky winners who are picked at random will receive 0.3% of the total Ethereum raised so simply put, sharing the love pays off.

As if all of this wasn’t enough to capture your interest, Love Token is working to fulfill a sworn oath to make a positive change in the world. Once they are up and running, Love Token will allow individuals and companies that are helping others to apply for a considerable donation to continue their altruistic work. Love Token has taken the magnanimous decision to include individuals in this program as they recognize the hard work that thousands of people do alone every day to improve the lives of those around them.

As a final cherry on top of the well-iced cake, Love Token also has plans to work with entrepreneurs across the globe. Offering mentorships and legal support as well as much needed startup capital via investments, Love Token is looking to create an incubation center to give budding innovators the workspace they need to bring their ideas to life.

So now you know all this, get involved and tell us what you think. Are you excited about supporting a new wave of bright and brilliant young minds, maybe you wish to support charities around the world, will you be trying your hand at their raffle hoping to win up to 50 Ethereum tokens or maybe, you just want to show those you care about what they really mean to you. No matter what it is, drop us a comment and share the Love!

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