Neil Bryant is an experienced Internet start-up manger, with a successful track record of launching global multi-million user social networking and media projects. 

Vladimir Nikitin: So can you tell me a little bit about the background to ARROUND and what you are trying to achieve?

Neil Bryant: We’ve got a clear commercial focus, we are creating the world’s first decentralized advertising solution in augmented reality (AR). We’re also invested in blockchain, to provide transparency and eliminate fraud. AR allows developers and creative thinkers to do some amazing things, and the AR market is growing incredibly fast right now. In 2020 it’s predicted to be worth $120 billion. That’s phenomenal growth, from zero to $120 billion in just a few years. And while there are almost limitless applications, ARROUND’s solution is for offline retailers, and it allows them to create targeted ads in augmented reality to attract shoppers in the real world, and help them to make a choice when they are in store.

Vladimir Nikitin: So, no one is doing this yet?

Neil Bryant: Exactly, ARROUND is the first to solution to bridge the gap between the vast digital resources that ecommerce outlets have access to and the limited resources that offline retailers can use to find customers. We already have our first partner, 36.6, which is the largest pharmacy chain in Russia with thousands of locations. You have to remember, offline retailers still rely on their shop windows, shop signs…these are methods that are hundreds of years old, while ecommerce merchants have access to the latest targeted digital marketing and advertising techniques based on Big Data, machine learning and so on. It’s like swords versus machine guns. What ARROUND does is give offline retailers the same tools that online retailers have in order to engage new and existing clients.

Vladimir Nikitin: And how exactly do you do this, where does augmented reality fit into the equation?

Neil Bryant: Well, if you think about what augmented reality actually is, you’ll soon realize just how perfect it is for offline retailers. What we are doing at ARROUND is letting shops serve targeted ads in AR. First, the user gets a notification that there is a discount available for them nearby. Then they can get AR navigation to the actual point of sale. Things get even more interesting when they are in the shop. By pointing their camera around, they can literally see products fly off the shelves – objects appear in AR that they can interact with. This part of the experience is designed to help consumers make a choice and increase sales for the retailer. One of the things that offline shops have to worry about is the user experience, and ARROUND is something that’s very clearly an improvement over what’s available already.

Vladimir Nikitin: So do you have any competition right now?

Neil Bryant: Nobody is doing exactly what we are doing. There are AR worlds and games springing up, but in terms of building out a sustainable and profitable business model that has the financial resources to grow and scale globally… I don’t see anyone with the same vision as us, or offering a comparable service.

Vladimir Nikitin: How can people get involved with ARROUND?

Neil Bryant: We are in our ICO phase at the moment. Our pre-sale is very successful, and we’ll be closing it soon, but there are still some very attractive bonuses available. You can find out more here. We’re also interested in partnerships with large retailers and advertising agencies of course. Our product is international, and so the sooner we break the European, North American and South East Asian markets the better for everyone.

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