What is your background briefly?

I’m the founder and managing director of a U.S.-based research advisory firm, neXt Curve.  I have over 23 years of experience in strategy and technology consulting.  I have had the great fortune of working with some of the leading consulting, technology and research organizations during my career such as IBM, PwC, EY and most recently as a managing partner with Gartner Inc.  I have what you might call a very diverse background that includes leading digital transformation programs for Fortune 100 enterprises, helping leading tech vendors develop their global cloud G2M strategies to designing and developing a first-of-a-kind ERP implementation for one of the earliest Internet search engine companies.  I have worked with firms across a wide range of industries including numerous segments of the tech industry, media & entertainment, oil & gas, automotive, financial services, pharma and healthcare and retail to name a few.  My current passion is synthesizing my cross-domain, cross-industry experience and knowledge into compelling insights and recommendations that can help businesses realize differentiating strategies, capabilities and innovations.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

My background is a key part of what we are doing at neXt Curve.  I believe that the future of the consulting profession is about experience. Data and analytics will continue to become commoditized and automated. neXt Curve is all about experience – my experience and the experience of all the great folks I work with and organizations that we partner with. As industries, economies, societies and lives become increasingly digitally enabled and transformed, there are grey and white spaces rapidly emerging and expanding across the digital business landscape. These white and grey spaces exist at the nexus of technology, business, industries and markets. The diversity and depth of the collective backgrounds of our consultants and analysts are the sources and key enablers of what we do at neXt Curve, which is to help our clients cut through the hype and find the shortest path to value. There is so much hype out there fueled by vendor marketing and media sensationalism.  I think there is a great opportunity to clarify things for business leaders struggling with this thing called “digital”.

Give us a one-minute pitch for what you are doing now:

After leaving Gartner Inc. I decided to establish a research advisory firm that provides me and my fellow consultants and analysts with a medium to express our experience, knowledge and know-how into a portfolio of advisory services and research that focus on what each of us is passionate about and great at. It just happens that many of the areas that we are passionate about are some of the key digital topics today such as the Internet of Things, 5G, industry digitization, cloud/edge computing, digital security, digital transformation and, of course, Blockchain.

At the moment, our research and advisory agendas focus on five topics:

  • Internet of Things Strategy & Market Intelligence
  • 5G Service Strategy & Market Intelligence
  • Cloud Strategy & Portfolio Optimization
  • Organization Conditioning (Digital Organization & Transformation)
  • Blockchain Business Models & Solutions

We continue to evolve and shift our offerings as our collective interests and client needs change.  At the end of the day, it’s about having fun while doing great things for our clients.

How has ‘digital’ changed / how will things become different for us?

“Digital” is a funny word.  It seems to have become overloaded to the point where it is a meaningless term.  I guess a simple answer is that “digital” is always changing and means something different to everyone. The big challenge for all of us in this increasingly digital world is change, more specifically, the increased velocity of industry and market change. Some call it “disruption”, but that’s just another overloaded, misused term. The megatrends that are redefining our increasingly digital world and economy are consumerization, democratization and decentralization. We are seeing an expanding universe of digital technologies putting enterprise-class commercial, production, social and marketing power and scale into the hands of the many.  Never in our human history has the individual been as commercially capable as a large enterprise than today and the coming near future. I’m personally interested in seeing how the pendulum swings back to centralization and consolidation as societies around the globe debate the benefits and the detriments of a more egalitarian socioeconomic environment and dynamic that will shape our digital economy over the next few years.

How do you formulate your predictions of the future?

Anyone can make predictions of the future. The key to insightful and meaningful predictions is a compelling, rational set of supporting arguments. At neXt Curve, our approach to predicting the digital future is based on the synthesis of our collective experience and understanding of technology trends (maturity and economics), industry vertical needs and context, business processes and operations, with deep knowledge of ICT markets and competitive dynamics. I work with a team of leading industry analysts such as Akshay Sharma and Dean Freeman, who both have distinguished tenures with Gartner Inc. They bring tremendous knowledge and thinking to our research and our forecasts. We spend a lot of time challenging each others’ points of view and rigorously testing our assumptions to arrive at well-formed, compelling insights and recommendations for our clients.

Who do you follow or read for inspiration?

I follow Apple quite a bit. They are probably the most enigmatic and widely misunderstood company out there right now and for the foreseeable future. It’s fun to watch them defy prevailing academic hypotheses and theories on business and baffle Wall Street analysts. I appreciate all the things Apple says no to and their timing for when they say yes. I also appreciate their extremely profound understanding of technology that expresses itself in applications, products, services and business models that continue to lead and shape the digital discourse and thinking.

How can people find out more about you & your work?

The neXt Curve website is a great source of information – www.next-curve.com. You can find my professional bio, our firm’s mission statements, find out about our team and our services, and you can check out our free research and points of view on our reThink media channel and blog. We have over 25 articles and webcasts that you can enjoy for free. We continue to grow our library of research on the key digital topics of the day. We also feature some great collaborations with IBM, Hitachi, the USC Marshall School of Business, the Drucker School of Management and more. We recently launched a Podcast channel on iTunes that you can subscribe to take our research on the go with you.

How can people contact you & learn more about you?

Anyone interested in contacting me and wanting to find out more about neXt Curve and how we help our clients can reach me at www.next-curve.com.  I’m also readily available on LinkedIn where I currently have approximately 170K friends.



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