Yesterday at the Med in Ireland conference which was opened by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, innovation was the main heartbeat of it. There were various Keynote speeches, talks and presentations, a live innovation workshop as well as the Medinireland 2015 Exhibition and an Interactive Information Area.

In the exhibition area you could see innovation in action at the various stands in the research zone and the design showcase areas. It was great to see the proof of why Ireland is becoming renowned for MedTech, and I spotted four companies that epitomised this.

GMEDTECH who are based at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology Campus in Galway City are a research centre unique in Ireland and Europe.
GMEDThey specialise in designing and developing advanced in vitro simulators that replicate various parts of the human anatomy. They also provide academic, clinician and company led research as well as state-of-the-art test, design and technical facilities. What really impressed me was how their advanced simulators can be used for testing, which cuts out the need for animal testing.

Wearable tech is growing into a new important sector in MedTech and Shimmer want to be part of this revolution.
ShimmerShimmer provides advanced development of wearable sensing systems, and they can also provide clinical assessment by enabling objective assessment for unbiased diagnostics in motion and biophysical applications. Their ECG equipment like all the rest their wearable tech is so small that you would hardly notice that it is there.

Advant Medical has recently moved into product development services and offer 3D printing, injection moulding and turnkey product development.

AdvantIf you have a prototype that you want to put into limited production their 3D printing service can do this. It’s great to see 3D printing being used in the MedTech area as it can help you bring prototypes to life very quickly.

Slainte Healthcare offers two products that show how tech can be used to help hospitals save time, money and provide excellent patient care.
SlainteClaimsure Hospital Revenue Cycle Management software, reduces costs, cuts debtor days, and increases cash receipts as well as identifying more opportunities for revenue growth. Vitro, which creates apps, from paper documents to exactly mimic the look and feel of your existing hospital chart and processes. With Vitro you have a paperless system that ensures no mistakes can be made and when you used with patients charts you can make sure that every field is mandatory, ensuring no medical mistakes can happen.

When you see companies like the ones mentioned above you can see why Ireland is one of the global leaders in MedTech, why world class innovation is flourishing here and why conferences like MedinIreland.

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