Most people tend to concentrate only on on-page search engine optimization to get better search engine rankings and more organic traffic. While this method is indeed extremely important, smart marketers know that you can also get very impressive results by off-page SEO initiatives. These are activities on platforms other than the website itself that will result in an increase of traffic. Some popular platforms ideal for off-page SEO:

Social Media

Social media networks are among the most effective drivers of brand reputation and awareness. With the huge number of users that many of the leading social media networks have, brands love the opportunity to target focused communication in an informal way that is very effective in building brand loyalty. By providing links to your website on the social media, you can leverage the interest created in your brand for conversions. With Google factoring in social media links in its algorithm, the importance of having a vibrant social media presence has grown.

Social Bookmarking Sites

With social bookmarks, you can save website addresses so that you can return to them later. You can create bookmarks and tag pages with your keywords, easily classify them, share and discuss them with other users. Search engines are very quick to index the bookmarked page on a bookmarking site. If your site becomes well known in social bookmarking sites, the popularity will be reflected in the backlinks that people start using, which further helps your SEO; however, link exchanging is frowned upon by Google.To leverage your site to the maximum with social bookmarks, you can get in touch with an expert SEO agency like Google interprets social-bookmarking links to be natural backlinks to your website and use them to give your site a better rank. This is further facilitated as the accompanying descriptive text usually contains vital keywords that are simultaneously indexed.

Blog and Forum Submissions

An interactive blog can be a major attraction for users to make repeat visits to your site; with this, it is possible to develop a healthy relationship of trust and credibility. However, the content quality must be very high and the blog written in such a way that it delivers value to the user. When you publish high-quality blog posts on sites that have very high authority, much of that authority also passes on to you and you get exposure to a wider audience who are likely to visit your website due to the backlinks embedded in your post. A blog post that is well written serves to inform readers about issues that are important to them and also acts as a platform for promoting your own products. Similarly, you can use forum submissions to engage with customers, build authority, and drive traffic to your website.


Rather than limiting your SEO initiatives to just on-page activities, you should maximize the gain with effective off-page SEO. In an environment where users are looking at various sources of information in addition to search engines, this strategy can be very useful in driving more website traffic.


Prepared and edited by @EdinaZejnilovic, Journalism Student at DCU

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