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An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a form of funding for startups that want to realize a project or increase their business and their company. The most important part of ICO is the Pre-Launch Phase where plays a key role the startup business, that with a whitepaper shall submit a blockchain based on token. The investor will buy the token according to the startup price. But what is the significance of ICO in advertising world? To have a successful ICO, it’s necessary that many investors obtain tokens and to achieve that it’s essential an advertising project.

Thanks to an ICO targeted advertising, the public offer will increase and the startup will carry out his project. In the same time, people that bought tokens would like to generate added value, and that’s possible if the startup value increases. The most important ICO in advertising world based their business in banner ads online and advertising is their strength and will be the asset for every investor and for his cryptocurrencies. Advertising companies that invest money in tokens do that because it’s an investment, considering that advertising revenues in Fidelity House, during 2017 amount to 2,8 million Euros. The advertising space in Fidelity pages determine the monetization and give visibility to the companies that buy token, so advertisers can buy their visibility.

But what are 10 examples of ICOs advertisting at the moment? Let’s find out!

Minter: It’s a blockchain to create and transfer coin.

Fidelity House: It’s an online platform where authors write about their passion and earn sharing their articles on social media. The post that receive the largest number of visits, shall be the post that’s most remunerated.

WizeBit: Private Block. In this time, where privacy is at risk, this platform with his team of engineers and leaders, grants every web access with the maximum data security.

Agate: It’s a platform for banks and payments.

Agora: It’s a platform for elections and voting system.

Tiberius: It’s a platform that concerns precious metals.

Viva Network: It’s a platform for Mortgage Lending.

X Materials: It’s a company for building materials.

CitiCash: It’s a company that would use cryptocurrency via debit card.

Geon Network: It’s a value transfer platform based on location proof.

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