By @SimonCocking great interview with Fidelma McGuirk, CEO of Payslip who we recently featured. Fidelma will be speaking on the Scaling and Communicating Your Business panel at our #Fintech20 event on October 26th. Get tickets here.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

I’m leading Payslip, Global Payroll Management Software as a Service.

When companies expand overseas finding a reliable payroll provider is a tricky and time-consuming business. Companies need to do a lot of due diligence to check whether the payroll vendor has the depth of experience, capability and capacity to deliver and has robust professional indemnity and data protection in place.

Once they find a payroll vendor, then begins a large volume of emails coordinating payroll activities and exchanging data – sometimes with password protection, very often not.

International employers’ experience is usually inefficient and risk laden.

In Payslip, we built a different solution. We have digitised the global payroll management process and integrated it into software that makes payroll processing a great experience. A FinTech solution that drives a unified efficient digital process.

Payslip is a unique Global Payroll Management Software as a Service, which empowers payroll professionals to streamline the international payroll process and manage international data, resources, and vendors efficiently from one user-friendly platform effectively replacing current individual complex systems.

Payslip’s digital technology delivers a new level of visibility to the payroll process, reduces risk and cost and improve efficiencies while enhancing data protection. The transparent user-friendly dashboard allows complete visibility over the entire payroll process. View active payrolls, payroll costings, employs by country, action, and alerts. hugely simplifies the process creating greater efficiencies within the payroll department reducing administration costs by 32%.

My role is to drive continuous innovation and growth in Payslip. I focus on delivering increased efficiencies and data protection to our Payslip clients, growing our client based across sectors and countries. The best way to do this, in my experience, is to enable our great team to contribute their great (and often mad) ideas, work in a positive environment and enjoy our successful product development and delivery.

Business Showcase : Payslip

How was the last 12 months, what worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

The last 12 months were great.

We invested the last 12-24 months collaborating with payroll providers in Ireland, UK, US and EU countries and HR, Finance and Payroll directors in the US, Canada and Europe to identify what the best possible global payroll digital process and experience could be.

Based on their direct international payroll experience, we have designed Global Payroll Software with a superb UX for both payroll teams and international employees and data protection by design. Naturally software development is a time-consuming process so we would always like it to move faster, but the final result has made the practical structured software development worthwhile. Payslip’s FinTech SaaS is leading edge and the only software of its kind in the market.

Ex Taxback’s Fidelma McGuirk targets Multi-nationals with unique Global Payroll software solution, FinTech disrupter Payslip which saves 32% Global Payroll Costs

What are your plans for the future?

Global Payroll World Domination. Seriously, world domination!

Initially we targeted the 67% of the top 1000 companies in Ireland that have global payroll as a result of operating in 2 or more countries. We have received great interest and successes for Irish HQ’d multi-nationals in the engineering, software and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, we are ahead of ourselves with clients who are HQ’d in the US and other countries.

Our key focus now is to implement the Payslip software solution to maximise savings and increase efficiency for these international employers. Then to continue to roll out our market presence into other sectors.

What will you be talking about at this event? 

The key theme of the event is the scalability of business and Fintech solutions. By definition our Payslip solution enables companies to scale easily and quickly into new markets.

I think the Digitization of essential business processes and the adoption of smart tech to solve repeatable business obstacles is a key topic that is worth discussing.

Scaling businesses, even high-tech businesses, require good people. With the growth of the gig economy, companies’ people strategies can become global by accident. The best candidate can be overseas and companies increasingly require fluidity in their workforce solutions to provide flexibility for growth and to meet skill gaps.

In Payslip, we have extensive experience in these areas and our clients expose us to their situations on a daily basis. I am interested in exchanging experiences and ideas with other business leaders and international workers about their scalability situations and experiences and what FinTech solutions they have deployed and developed.

What inspired you to attend it?

Financial Services is one of the ancient industries and is a necessary service for businesses and consumers alike. Its delivery affects people on an individual basis. The revolution of financial services from a paper based, heavy procedural service to a tech led positive UX one is very exciting.

Within Payslip we have revolutionised the UX that payroll professionals can enjoy for a traditional caution-led business process. Also, employees can enjoy a unified employer led experience regardless where they are based.

This event brings brilliant thinkers and disrupters from UCD and other leading academic organisations together with business leaders. I think it is essential to attend, listen and participate in the innovative discourse at this event.

Which influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

Besides Irish Tech News? Lots, too many.

MIT Technology Review, Innovation & Tech Today, Business Insider, Silicon, Sunday Business Post, and, of course, the most inspiring and entertaining,  Waterford Whisperer!

 How can people find out more about what you are working on?

All Payslip news and events will be posted on our blog and social media, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Entrepreneurial minds and skills are the foundation of innovation, Barbara Diehl, UCD #Fintech20, Oct 26th

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