Written by Apoorv Bhatnagar

Recruitment these days is a hard task and there’s simply no other way of putting it. While manual recruitment still finds a position of prominence even in the present scenario, still there is no denying the fact that recruitment software is fast filling its place and that too with great force. And with this impetuous force gaining momentum day by day, the one question that is being increasingly asked is that what is the right software pertaining to recruitment and more importantly how can one go on and choose them so that it can function flawlessly to the advantage of the company or business?

It is in this connection that it is mention worthy that three things are primarily of grave importance while choosing the right recruitment software for your business. They are- A) what are the types of candidates you are looking forward to recruit? B) What is the fashion in which you want to recruit them? C) Are you also in need of human resource features for managing candidates post-hiring? Hiring is easily one of the toughest jobs of a company or a business. Recruiting software is there to make the hiring an easier process. It can save you both on time as well as money by helping you recruit the best of candidates within the shortest space of time and all that in a cost-effective manner. Recruitment software works brilliantly by providing the adequate and necessary tools you need to streamline and expedite the hiring process.

By allowing to post jobs on multiple platforms at one go with very little effort a good recruiting software also helps in establishing workflows, accepting applications, maintaining schedules and so much more in one place. There is no denying that all recruiting software is identical and equally effective, however, the good ones certainly offer some great features automating the hiring process and reducing the time taken for filling up vacant positions.

Also, it is to be ensured that the recruitment software not only enables and allows posting jobs on multiple websites but also holds provision for posting job adverts to niche job sites, particularly if you are on the search for tech and creative professionals. In addition to this, the recruitment software should also be allowing you to accept online applications & resumes and populating data automatically. It should also be having the option of creating pre-screening questionnaires for weeding out unqualified candidates straightaway and then quickly search for qualified candidates based on the set and standard specific criteria, such as experience, required skills and the like. With a standard and quality recruiting software you are always one step ahead for you stay organized having a close eye on the entire hiring process all the time & all the way.

In a word, choosing the right recruiting software is nothing but choosing the tool (software) that aligns with the requirement of your business ideally. As mentioned earlier as well, the ultimate objective that the software would fulfill has to be the top-most criteria in choosing the recruitment software. Barring these features, businesses should also look closely at some other factors like whether the software would basically be used for keeping a database of the candidates or as a method of finding candidates based on values. Moreover, businesses should definitely be also considering the real-world application of the software as well. The perfect recruiting software is the harmonious blend of choosing one in accordance to the company size, industry type and of course the specific recruiting strategy that it is looking to pursue. Furthermore, the recruitment software should also be absolutely easy to use so that it can be used easily by one and all.

Some of the other key capabilities that an effective and sound recruitment software must have are-

  • Capable of deciding the job boards you want to use
  • Mobile ready for the candidates as well as the recruiters.
  • Very quick application process, almost instantaneously.
  • Quick training so that it is very easy to train the recruiter and/or the hiring manager to quickly grasp the workings of the system of the software.
  • Flexibility- So that there is no requirement for paying for those features that aren’t required.
  • Scalability- For growing the business.
  • Managing and complying with compliances.

Some of the other features that need to be looked at in the recruiting software are-

  • HR tools like benefits administration and onboarding
  • Great analytics and reporting functionalities
  • Email capabilities
  • CRM capabilities
  • Provision for alternative contacts such as texting candidates instead of calling
  • Branding options along with the option to customize
  • Third-party integration like HR management solutions and Payroll

Examining the vendor is also a very crucial aspect and holds great significance in the context of choosing a solid recruitment software. It is very important to take note of the vendor’s past track record together with the additional offerings that it is providing along with the software. Some of the areas where vendors tend to add good additional value are:-

  • Security features & accreditations – eliminate any and all vendors not offering the integration capabilities, support or security for your business needs.
  • Case Studies, References and Customer Testimonials- Do not go with vendors not having good testimonials and authentic reviews from credible sources.
  • Technical Support- Ensure well that the technical support is always delivered by the vendor round-the-clock so that any emergency or crisis circumstances can be addressed promptly without hampering the workflow of the company or business.
  • Take a demo- This has to be taken for certain to ensure that the quality is up to the mark and everything’s going in the right track so that when the full version of the software is taken things straightaway fall into place.

Choosing the right ats tracking software can at times be very stressful indeed for any decision going wrong could be costing the organization a lot of bucks and there is also the reputation of the firm in line as well.

Switching to a cloud-based platform can also be very handy indeed for recruiting software for your business as there would be no requirement for buying hardware and software, neither any need to install the same. Only a fee needs to be paid to the IT personnel for maintaining the software. Moreover, you would need no initial or upfront investment in most cases when you are going with a cloud platform. Furthermore, another great advantage of having a cloud-based platform (product) is that they have got very short contractual commitment, some even with no contract at all; which enables you to quickly switch to a new one in case you don’t like it or are not satisfied with it or if it is not serving your purpose for some reason(s).

It is also of prime importance to have a fantastic and attractive Careers page for your website which would automatically speak for your present and future recruitment strategy.

Thus, it can be inferred without any doubt that selecting or choosing the right kind of recruitment software is quite an uphill task but if chalked out well gauging to perfection all the perquisites of the business there is no reason why a company cannot come up with the right recruitment software.

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