Interview with Dmitrii Pavlov — mathematician, founder of UCT World Corporation

The discussions of using the Artificial Intelligence at the workplace inevitably results into a questions about the role it will play. Dmitrii, tell us about the role of BiNeuro.

The task of the BiNeuro is to automate and to increase the efficiency of specialist’s routine work. At the same time the goals to achieve by the BiNeuro are determined by a customer. It can be attracting more targeted traffic, more conversions or goals achievement on the website, attracting larger target audiences, etc. Certainly, BiNeuro often reaches immediate tactical goals such as more sales in short time. But it’s more correct to set long-term goals, for example, increasing the company’s turnover by 50% in a certain period or achieve a certain level of sales volume.

Today AI is being implemented everywhere and, of course, the sphere of digital advertising is not an exception. In this regard, there is an increasing concern among the employees that the AI will replace them. But is it true?

AI could potentially replace the routine and «conveyor» professions. Wherever it is possible to create a template, the AI will make it possible to replicate it.
On the other hand, the AI can’t to go beyond and come up with something new. Creative industries will thrive and specialists should be focused on them. For example, AI is almost incapable to create amazing and original idea, genius music or poetry. But the AI has no equals in routine tasks. It does it faster and better than any professional and excluding mistakes and the “human factor”. Therefore, it can be said that the BiNeuro is a friend of marketers, relieves them from routine work and makes time for their creativity.

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