Answers by Roman Akopov, from Bixtrim, an innovative crypto-exchange platform with simplified access for everyone.

First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about Bixtrim and give you my insight about the project. I am happy every time anyone asks me anything about Bixtrim, I always try to answer their questions fully, it is my job after all.

What is My Experience in the Subject?

I am an experienced banking sector employee, I am pretty familiar with financial technology. I was mostly working as a team leader or system architect, so I not only know what information technologies should do in a financial company but I am also pretty confident what other departments are up to. Despite my current title of Chief Technology Officer, I’m also responsible and make decisions regarding information security, physical security and even discuss legislation-related subjects with my partners.

You can’t always put your lifetime experience in a single position title, when you are a Co-Founder of a startup company you should do your best and deliver all knowledge and experience you have. There is no place for bureaucracy in this company and there is mostly no such thing as “not your business”, because if anyone can improve anything, it should be done and we as Co-Founders always do this. We also try hard to motivate our employees. Bixtrim has been functioning for less than a year, but we have already had team buildings, best idea competitions, out-of-the-box thinking competitions and we really want to keep being innovative and friendly. I know from private conversations that today Bixtrim is one of the best places to work at and I sincerely hope it will stay so.

How is our ICO Platform Different from the Others?

  1. We listen to our potential customers
  2. We try to have a broad view and create a flexible product
  3. We work closely with advisors, who help us foresee ICO platform market trends
  4. We know what our competitors are doing

Many ICO founders try to use their own experience of conducting an ICO and create some white label product that other ICOs can use, but mostly fail at this. It’s pretty obvious why, because they aren’t giving their customers a possibility to implement a different business, they are giving them a possibility to implement a copy. They are not listening to customers, they are just telling them: “Hey, our ICO was successful, do something like we did!” and nobody wants to copy someone else’s business, they want to be unique.

That is why we did something different, thought a lot about how the white label should look like, and implemented the most flexible ICO platform we had in mind, a platform that does not limit our customers to our own business model, but lets them implement their ideas. This is subjective, but I believe this is the best product on market and we will continue delivering new features and researching competitors projects. We are eager to listen to our potential customers and hear more about what they want and what they need. We will implement ideas that sound crazy at first, but are actually interesting.

To be honest, ICOs have been around for quite some years so there are experienced people that can help not to fail completely, but that is someone I’d call a consultant. That is not who our advisors are, they are people who can (to some extent) predict the future, tell us not only what to do today but also what to do tomorrow. Advisors are people who help us be ready for the inevitable future and prepare today to be the best tomorrow. It’s not only about knowledge but about deep understanding of business and human psychology and I am really happy we have such wise advisors we wouldn’t be the company we are now without these people.

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