By @TheMarkDalton

Infographic provided by – Justin Green from M2 On Hold –

It is no secret anymore, Snapchat is on the rise for businesses. Recently they passed Twitter in daily usage and the attention on Snapchat along with actual content consumption (not impression, people actually consuming content) is through the roof at the moment.

Right now there is a land grab on Snapchat so the time to join up for publications and businesses is right now. People are trying to figure out who to follow and what brands to follow so they are more willing right now to add your Snapcode.

Moving a year down the line, people will have figured it out and it could well be harder to build an audience because thats how social media works.

Below we have a great infographic provided by Justin Green from M2 On Hold, you can check out their site at the following link:

How Snapchat Can Expand Your Brand [Infographic]

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