Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, today announced it will hold a co-located special event at DataCentres Ireland 2015.

“From Finance to Pharma, Why Companies Small & Large Host in Ireland” will take place at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Dublin on November 10, 2015 from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm. The event will feature a keynote by Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Centre Protection Commissioner, as well as presentations, panel discussions, and case studies from leading international thought leaders on global hosting.

“From Finance to Pharma” is targeted at the country managers, senior executives and advisors in the 1300 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies in Ireland, including medical technology, finance, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector firms, upon whom it is incumbent to consider the myriad benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland. DataCentres Ireland 2015, a two-day exhibition and conference, is taking place 10-11 November 2015.

Companies including Facebook, Google and Apple have built their data centres here to take advantage of Ireland’s favourable policies but it’s not just ICT and e-Commerce firms. Companies of all sizes and in every industry are hosting their data in Ireland for reasons of affordable power, redundant network and bandwidth capacity, in addition to the fiscal advantages afforded by the country’s business and public policy initiatives, otherwise known as the 5 Ps — Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes, and Power.

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“To say that hosting digital assets in Ireland is an attractive option for financial services, bio-tech and pharmaceutical companies is an understatement,” states Garry Connolly, President and Founder of Host in Ireland, who will deliver the event’s welcome address. “Rather, given our country’s economic stability, skilled workforce, focus on renewable energy, and global connectivity to Europe and the Americas, entering our hosting ecosystem is the optimal choice for any company in these sectors, large or small, seeking a sound fiscal and sustainable hosting environment.”

“From Finance to Pharma” will include a panel with participants from all aspects of the decision-making matrix, from policies (fiscal and legal) to pipes (connectivity / diversity), which will explore how companies that initially resisted outsourcing to public, private and hybrid cloud computing environments, including financial services, med-tech, Pharma and life sciences, are now hosting in Ireland.

“Data hosting is a key element of Irelands infrastructure offering and IDA Ireland is pleased to support this industry lead event, ‘From Finance to Pharma,’ during DataCentres Ireland 2015,” states Shane Nolan, Head of Content & Business Services, IDA Ireland.

Speakers at “From Finance to Pharma” will be as follows:

“From Finance to Pharma” is free to attend and those wishing to register can click here.

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