This app is no longer functioning as detailed below! Since earlier today 16/03/2013 when the app is opened the screen now shows just a ‘Save Battery” option and a ‘How to make a Screenshot’ option 🙁



A free app just available in the App Store called HiddenApps allows you to hide any of those built-in iOS apps that not many people use such as Stocks, Passbook, Newsstand etc. To get rid of these apps just open HiddenApps, click the ‘Hide Apps’ button,IMG 1

(Users can also disable iAds by selecting the 2nd option)

This opens a new screen, select each app one at a time,


once you select an app you will then see a message


click ‘Install’ and you will then get another message


Click ‘Done’ and delete the ‘Poof’ app by pressing/holding the app icon til it starts to wiggle and then tap the ‘X’

By deleting the app you trigger the hiding of the iOS app!!

Alas the changes are not permanent. If you reboot, the changes will be undone but can easily be implemented once again by using HiddenApps. Not an ideal way of doing this but at least it’s an option other than Jailbreaking.

I can’t imagine this app being available for long on the AppStore so if you are interested, get it while its hot!


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