You’d never guess that there was a new Samsung Galaxy phone about to be released in the next week! Over the last few days we’ve seen some nicely strategic leaks hit the interent. I suppose it should be of no surprise when a company has in excess of $1.5 Billion to spend on advertising each year, that we also have been treated to a new teaser video.


Pretty tame stuff but I’m sure it will intensify as we get closer to March 14 and Samsung spends even more cash!

On top of that show stopping teaser video we also saw a reported AnTuTu benchmark result for the upcoming phone which lays out all of the specs that most of us expect the see when it does finally take it’s bow:

SGSIV Antutu

It always hard to take screen shots like this seriously as they are easily put together, but it is easy to believe this one too as it probably will be pretty representative of the real phone. What is of note is that it includes reference to Samsung’s 8 core mobile chip being included where as leaks of late seemed to indicate that Samsung would go with a Snapdragon processor due to technical difficulties they were having with excess heat generation. If it proves to be true though, the overall score isn’t really that impressive considering what we have seen from the latest Snapdragon processors and what is to come from Nvidia with it’s Tegra 4 platform.

Next up is the rumour that the phone will utilise the front facing camera to track where you eyes are while reading an article and scroll the page down when it notices you’ve reached the bottom of the page. Samsung introduced Smart Stay with the SGSIII which stopped the screen dimming once the front camera could see your eyes, so this one is probably believable and a natural progression of the eye tracking system. It does beg the question though, why is it needed when your finger is right there?

Expect many more leaks between now and launch date!


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