Ask anyone who has used an online dating site about their experience and the vast majority of users will report a negative result. Aside from the few who actually manage to navigate through the process and end up finding a partner, there are many more who endure uncomfortable exchanges while searching for a potential mate.

While online dating is probably by far the most efficient way to meet new people, it has just not been the most effective way. Often expectations are far from being met.
There are a number of issues people face when using traditional dating platforms. While most millennials accept the web as a way to find possible date partners, getting past catfishing, false or completely fake profiles is still a major problem.

On the internet nobody knows you are a dog – this adage reflects online dating like no other. How can you trust any profile to such an extent that you exchange contact details and meet when all you know is what the person on the other side of the screen has uploaded to some website?

Welcome to Hicky: a decentralised dating platform running on the public Ethereum blockchain. The objective is to eliminate the negative issues inherent to traditional dating platforms. These include a lack of trust and security as well as the mismatch of incentives between the platform and its user.

Hicky merges the best of both online and offline dating to enable real social dynamics on the platform. This is achieved through the token economy which is powered by the Hicky token (HKY).

Users hold can earn or lose their tokens based on their behaviour and actions within the network. Users are able to review and rate the behaviour expressed by potential daters. This eliminates rogue actors or false profiles and encourages responsible dating behaviour.

Daters can provide validated identity markers by using smart contracts and tokens to deliver a trusted combination of visual and auditory protocols. This allows daters to freely exchange personal information, reassured that their data cannot be hacked and that their counterparts are whoever they say they are.

Many traditional dating websites have used premium services to reduce dishonest or rogue players. However, the issue of the incentive mismatch remains. While the platform owners want to retain and engage the users, the users want to find their perfect match as fast as possible and move on. Furthermore, all the data that is being uploaded, is stored in a centralised database.

The 2015 Ashley Madison hack – in which thousands of accounts were compromised – resulted in numerous cases of blackmail, netting extortionists untold millions. Users who had their information compromised in this hack suffered serious consequences including loss of relationship, loss of job, and even in several cases, loss of life (suicide).While that was an exceptional case in the history of online dating, most people would still prefer not to admit they’ve met online. So the sensitivity and security of online data is paramount to the comfort of the customer base.

The team behind Hicky has a strong background in blockchain, online dating and marketing industries and involves managers with more than 10 years working experience in online dating – including former Tinder executive Hermione Way. This is very much to the point as Hicky also bills itself as the Tinder version of blockchain online dating.

Other partnerships pointing to the backing of this project by key players in the industry include Hicky’s partnership with NAGA Coin (NGC). NAGA Coin raised more than $50 million in its token offering last year and has been supported by “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver. The NAGA team trusts Hicky’s vision and has been supporting the project in both advisory and operational capacities.

Hicky’s public sale will commence on Valentine’s day, February 14 with the alpha version of the Hickey Decentralised Application set for release by the end of Q1, 2018.

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