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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Clean SL8 is a cryptocurrency project that is a project that is copied from “Monero” we chose Monero as our framework clone because of its anonymous privacy coin which allows the SL8 transactions completely anonymous. There is a growing trend for privacy coins in the crypto space. We chose Monero framework for the backbones of our project because of their “ring signature”. This is how Monero is able to be anonymous. The coin allows multiple transactions to occur. The transactions go to various wallet addresses. In short, the transactions become difficult or impossible to trace where they are going or who sent the transaction. The purpose for using a privacy coin in our project is to allow individuals the ability to be anonymous while discussing personal issues or life challenges. Some hardships should be kept private. Clean SL8 is about helping individuals through hardships and connection with people that have experience with those hardships. Clean SL8 take historical data seriously. If historical data is stored in paper form it can get lost or altered. If data is stored on a server somewhere it can get hacked. If historical data is beneficial for a government or corporation sees a benefit to alter historical data there is no way to prevent this from occurring. We would like to link Blockchain to historical data to preserve our “History”. We plan to build a platform similar to a family tree for individuals to store information for private use. Years from now, you could be famous and production industry would be interested in doing article or movie based on your life. This will allow the paywall to allow the owner of this family tree or data an opportunity to have leverage over their personal achievement. We also are interested in creating a side-chain that allows data to be stored on the blockchain for public view. This will have people in the community we are building an opportunity to develop the historical data they seem is important. After an audit process, the information will go onto the blockchain. There will be a way to edit posted information that has somehow been posted in error for a reward in the future. These concepts are in future development for our project. We look forward to seeing you soon.

How are you different?

Clean SL8 is positioned in a niche that eventually we think this area in crypto/ blockchain space will be swamped with copycat projects. Our project is one of a kind there are similar projects out there that are in development or active projects. There will be a time where some company will fill the niche we are trying to fulfill. We are the first project to offer life coaching platform and historical data like we are doing. Clean SL8 is a step.ahead of companies that are not adapting to this evolving technology of cryptocurrency. We have an advantage over them as they transition to this industry will be behind our presence. This makes our project Clean SL8 unique and bold.

Why will you do well?

Clean SL8 will do well because as the founder of this project “Clean SL8” I have been through major challenges growing up. I believe in the vision for this project and with little time gained traction with my project and communication skill to be here presenting our goals and vision of preservation of history and helping individuals. We are proud to adapt to new technology such as blockchain. We will keep our mission statement in mind while we drive home the tool I wish U had available in my own times of need to reach out.

Where are you based?

Clean SL8 is based in the United States Maryland. We operate from our online website

What are your plans for the future?

Clean SL8 would like to develop our project and have it available by October 2018. We would like to hire more employee’s to make the project run smoothly. We plan to have our cryptocurrency listed on an exchange in the near future after ICO. We would like to implement our historical data platform by 2019. Our plans involve marketing, brand awareness and developement of our platform.

Anything else you’d like to add/we should have asked?

On the behalf of Clean SL8 project founder I am grateful and honored to have this opportunity of a lifetime to develop this project. Thank you for giving us a chance.

When was the company launched?

January 1st 2018

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Android Smartphone users and individuals seeking help in many different life situations. Divorce, Drug Abuse, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, Loss of Families, and Hardships are all categories we like to have available on our platform.

Tell us about your team?

It started out as myself the founder of Clean SL8 James Elwood Erskine.

I hired a Developer from to start the project creating process to have the foundation built for the platform.

I then sought out a company from Australia called Clearpoll. As an investor in their project in small amounts I spoke with the Developers on their telegram channel giving feedback of their alpha release. This is the time I was sparked with interest to use their platform in my own project. Thanks to a YouTuber Suppoman I was able to come across the project Clearpoll.  For now we are just three but we will expand very soon!

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

I wish I had a pair of Google Glasses. I also am interested in a device that translates different languages in real-time. I work at a pizza place where they all speak different languages. It would come in handy here’s a link to what I am talking about.

How do people get in touch with you?

I am available on several outlets of communication. Our website of course

[email protected]

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