Working six to three doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as nine to five, but what does Dolly Parton know about the cleaning industry?, asks Jennifer McCreery of McCreery Contract Cleaning. Time never stands still for this Irish cleaning company who have replaced ‘Summer time’ with ‘heatwave time’.

With the recent heatwave that has swept the country, the Irish company has taken a leaf out of English Manager Gareth Southgate’s book who has been praised for his family centred approach to managing players and their wellbeing. Following consultation with her own staff, new working hours have been introduced to accommodate employees and their families.

“Our team felt that given the current weather, beginning the working day at 6 AM up until 3 PM would work best for both them and their families. At this time of year, a lot of schools are being cleaned so it suits our clients and employees. Employees get to go home to their families earlier while being able to avoid working in the heat,” says Jennifer McCreery.

Studies have found that in businesses where companies emphasise compassion, employee satisfaction is higher, and employee turnover is lower as loyalty is fostered.

Speaking about this, Jennifer says, “At McCreery Contract Cleaning, we realise that our employees are our most valuable asset. It is our duty to ensure the best possible environment for them to work especially during these summer days. Of course, they can wear shorts but must wear safety boots and I am supplying gallons of bottled water.”

McCreery Contract Cleaning provides a range of professional cleaning services to over 80 domestic and corporate customers across the South-East, including offices, schools, restaurants, banks, clinics, hospitals and hotels. /



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