By Hugh QuigleyJust in case any of our readers haven’t attended Google School (also known as Google Breakfast Briefings), be sure to add this to the top of your list of Things I Must Do.

The format takes the form of an intense information download on a particular topic within the evolving world of Google advertising.  The sessions are compared by the brilliant Sarah O’Neill of Google with a range of speakers drawn from the ranks of Googlers, chosen for their expertise in their field.

The session on Friday, June 3rd was all about YouTube so just to provide a flavour of the presentation here are a few facts and tips:

According to Google’s research they expect a whopping 80% of all Internet traffic to be on YouTube by 2019 – and remember that YouTube is already the world’s 2nd busiest search engine.  It currently attracts over 1bn unique users each month – that’s an awful lot of eyes that might be watching a video clip related to your product or service.

And some Irish people have already carved out significant profiles on the platform: have a look at Melanie Murphy’s vblogs on health and beauty or Sean McLoughlin’s JackSepticEye, ranked 50th most popular channel worldwide.

Common elements to such successful channels are that video are emotive, interactive, speak with passion and engage viewers.

Google recommend 4 top tips for establishing a channel:

  1. Develop content that is highly shareable – engage viewer’s emotions and they are more inclined to repost and share your content
  2. Collaborate with other existing YouTube channels: linking to established users is the quickest route to growing your audience
  3. Remember to converse with viewers: people subscribe to people not to a brand
  4. Be consistent: ensure that the format follows an easily recognisable pattern; establish a regular publication schedule and stick to it and deploy a consistent voice

Ignoring the rule of never working with live technology the presenters then walked the audience through a live demonstration of setting up a video advert account and linking it to your own channel.  As with most of Google’s products, this process is made as simple and foolproof as possible with lots of online help video’s to guide advertisers through the steps.

And the good news is that the average cost per viewed video is only 6cent – so get a video clip of your product or service uploaded to the world’s second busiest search engine.

Presenters Niamh Riney & Lucy McLean

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