By @SimonCockingClaudio Perrone Lean & Agile continuous evolution through ultra-rapid experimentation. Creative force behind and @a3thinker. . See Claudio speak at June 18th.

Brief background about you?

I’m a Lean & Agile management consultant, entrepreneur and startup strategist who brings models, experience and options to help organizations evolve fast and thrive in today’s turbulent marketplace.

I made a lifetime commitment to design and invent systems to help teams and individuals develop insanely-good habits of thinking.

I’m a Fellow of the Lean Systems Society, author of A3 Thinker (a family of tools for Lean problem solvers), and inventor of PopcornFlow — a next-generation Lean & Agile model to introduce, sustain and accelerate change through ultra-rapid experimentation.

Right now, I’m writing a PopcornFlow-related book and bootstrapping a SaaS startup. Aside from the core job to be done, we are already exploring ideas/mechanisms for future exponential growth.

What inspired you to speak at this event?

PopcornFlow’s guiding principle — If change is hard, make it continuous — led to a journey worth sharing.
Following that idea, I developed a habit of committing to about 5 personal change experiments every single week. I also work with teams who are able to sustain 5-10 weekly change experiments. Some teams are converging to product-market fit, others focus on operational excellence.
PopcornFlow is rapidly spreading worldwide and it’s already impacting businesses, individuals, families, schools, special-need kids, social activists, and even government & public sector agencies.
I believe — no, I know — we are at the verge of a new revolution.


What is your biggest challenge and why is it a good thing for you?

The scale of my challenge is both personal and planetary. It’s called inertia — our tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged.

One by one, day after day, we fall victims of our own inertia and the inertia of others. We drown, pulled down by our daily sleepwalking, by the decisions we don’t take, by what’s conventional and “safe”, by our poor thinking, by our busy-ness, bad policies, unfit processes, oppressive bureaucracy and more.

In this human tragedy, at least I found a personal purpose, which is to help people realize that most systems we face are not the result of some cosmic rule. They have been created by humans; and by humans shall be destroyed if they are no longer fit for purpose.

Why it will be helpful for people to attend. What will they get out of it?

Imagine if you could learn to evolve really fast — almost as fast as some of the most adaptive micro-organisms on earth… How far would you go?

This is what PopcornFlow is all about: a philosophy, principles, actionable techniques and tools to introduce rapid change in organizations and innovate like some of the best and most aggressive Lean startups around.

Your time and my time are too valuable to simply waste it by telling each other how cool “thinking like an entrepreneur” is.


I’ll hurl you into a world of ultra-rapid experimentation and show you a pragmatic system to design experiments, address your own problems and win your own war against inertia.

Where can people see / listen / read more about you?

I’m closer than you may think. I’m Italian, but I moved to Dublin 16 years ago. I’m often invited to speak at international conferences, but also at local meetups. There’s plenty of articles and videos around, but, if we don’t bump into each other at some local event, you can always reach me here or on Twitter.

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