With Malware all the rage to talk about on Android at present, Google has decided to respond by adding a software based security layer to the Market called “Bouncer”

“Bouncer” is a piece of software that will live on Google’s servers and actively look for malicious code in new and existing apps by simulating them being ran and searching for known bad code. Any App that’s suspected of being Malware or of having bugs will be flagged for review. The review process will be a manual process rather than automated in the hope good apps will not be sand boxed.

Google do not wish to go down the road of an approval process for Apps so by adding this level of security it is hoped that it will still preserve the current system of near instant App submissions but prevent malicious code from being uploaded to begin with.

While it’s great to see more levels of security being added to the Market it is unusual to see a company like Google respond to over inflated infection figures from companies who have a vested interest in creating as much worry and concern as they can so they can then offer you a paid solution to your newly created problem! Maybe I’m just too cynical!



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