Google Search for iOS received a major update today bringing pretty much all of the features that were missing compared to the Android version. You can now search hands free by saying “Ok Google” and the list of available commands and actions that Google Now can perform has grown extensively.

We’ve been putting the App through its paces since the update. There is a noticeable improvement in the voice recognition accuracy but it is worth noting that the “Ok Google” command is not working for now if your default language is set to UK English.

The browser that opens from searches also seems to be loading pages much faster and in fact makes Chrome seem pretty sluggish now.

Here’s the list of all the changes included in the update:

Google Now gets even better with:
• Notifications – Get notified when it’s time to go
• Reminders – Never forget to put out the trash
• New cards – See tickets, boarding passes, & more
• Handsfree voice – Just say “OK Google” to search*
* requires iPhone 4s or later

Notifications deliver info before you open the app:
• When to leave for your next appointment or event
• If your flight is running late
• How to catch the last train home

Ask Google to remember things for you. Just say
• “Remind me to buy coffee beans at Starbucks,” or
• “Remind me to check out the fair this weekend”
and Google will remind you at the right time or place.

You can also ask to be reminded when your favorite:
• Musicians release a new album
• TV show has a new episode
• Actors star in a new movie
• Celebrities and politicians make headlines
Just search and press the “remind me” button.

New cards organize the info you care about:
• Tickets for movies, concerts and events
• Boarding passes for your flights
• Reservation confirmations for car rentals
• Warnings when your last train home leaves
• Lists of upcoming local events

And finally, search is better than ever with:
• A redesigned and simplified homepage
• Gestures to zoom or throw away images
• One touch sign in if you use other Google apps
• Improved voiceover accessibility

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Check out the screen shots below:

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