Sometimes you find yourself in an area with such a poor data connection available you know that anything you try and do on your mobile device is going to take forever. Ever seen the dreaded Edge icon (E) take the place of the 3G or 4G icon on your phone? Yeah, its not pretty.

Google wants you to be able to use search even in areas of poor connectivity and make sure you are not bogged down by a slow connection again. As a result they have revealed a brand new streamline version of its mobile search which is specifically designed to load fast on slow connections. Google said that;

“To make sure you’re not waiting on Google when you need it most, we’ve rolled out a streamlined Search results page that loads fast, even on those slow connections. You’ll get all the info you need in a simpler format that’s beautiful and easy to use.”

The new streamline search will be used automatically when Google detects a poor connection so you won’t need to change any settings or do anything in order to activate it. However Google does not state what they consider to be a slow connection and what is not a slow connection. Some people would say that 3G is fast, I would disagree.

Also, what if I find I prefer the streamlined search instead and want to use it all the time? I don’t have anything against the regular Google search on my phone but it does make more sense to have a faster and lighter setup on a mobile device instead.

Sadly it looks as if there will not be an option to switch between the two and Google will decide what is best for you to use based on the connection which is a shame as some people may naturally prefer the faster option.

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