today announced the release of its first interim report into their international #BitcoinSurvey.

Launched in mid-March on bitcointalk, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook, the survey aims to get a sense of how people are using bitcoin in 2015. With sixteen prizes for survey participants totalling one bitcoin up for grabs, the survey has steadily been receiving responses from around the world

Survey respondents to date are generally in their late twenties to early forties with 89% of respondents being male. Over half regularly use bitcoin, either on the day they did the survey, or the week preceding their response. Desktop wallets are most popular, and nearly one sixth of respondents have lost bitcoin due to losing their keys.

On exchanges, most respondents are registered with one, with a quarter using them to buy bitcoin to spend on themselves. Over a quarter also reported that they had lost bitcoin due to a bitcoin exchange going out of business, or being hacked in the past.

Nearly 90% of respondents are aware of what a bitcoin faucet is, with only one fifth reporting that they actively use them. Just over half have gambled bitcoin, with dice roll sites proving the most popular with nearly four in ten having bet on them. Nearly four in ten responded that they have mined bitcoin, with as many people responding that they bought hardware which is now offline, as those who have continued to increase their hashrate.

The interim report is now available at .

You can participate in the survey by visiting this link and follow the progress of the survey using the #BitcoinSurvey hashtag on Twitter.

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