Remember when we first heard about Facebook’s new Instant Article feature? Well Google and Twitter are teaming up as they believe they have an answer of their own. Increasingly we are seeing Google and Twitter work together and this fall they plan on launching their new feature to a small group of publishers for testing.

The idea is simple, click a link on your phone and the full article pops up almost instantly, you don’t have to wait for it to load up. Its just there and you are good to go. This has been the idea that Facebook have been implementing and running with over the past number of months.

However, the difference between Facebook and the plan that Google and Twitter are working on is that Google and Twitter want to create their publishing tools as an open source project and hope that they can convince multiple companies to adopt it. Facebook has remained closed off and has been selecting publishers deemed worthy for testing.

Another difference is that the plan is to show readers cached web pages from the publishers website as opposed to hosting the actual content themselves. The cached web pages will display the original ads from the publishers website. This is important for publishers as Facebook continues to swallow up the advertising market.

Google and Twitter don’t plan on presenting this as a new branded product, according to sources the plan is being called “accelerated mobile pages” at the moment however that could of course change.

Of course the fact that Google and Twitter are working together again will lead to more talk of a take over however there are no indications of any deal at present even as Twitter enter their 100th day of searching for a new CEO today.

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