The National Transport Authority (NTA) and GoCar are delighted to announce that smarter travel users can now access the car sharing scheme using their Leap Card. To celebrate the integration of Leap Cards into the service, GoCar is offering free signup for the month of April.

Darragh Genockey, Sales & Operations Manager of GoCar said:
“We’re delighted to be able to integrate Leap Cards into the GoCar service. Our mission is to provide an attractive alternative to car ownership, and we believe the integration of public transport, Dublinbikes bike sharing, and GoCar car sharing all on the Leap Card is another positive addition to this alternative. We know that over 80% of our members do not own a car and over 60% use public transport every week, so this innovation will make their journeys a little easier and their wallets or purses a little lighter. We believe if people own a car, they are irrational about how they get about – they are vested in that car. If you offer more alternatives and solutions to break that cycle of car ownership, people make the right decision about where walking is the best, or cycling, using public transport, or occasionally using car sharing. The NTA have continually supported GoCar in the expansion of our service, and we hope our Leap Card integration along with free membership will further integrate Ireland’s smarter travel network and encourage those who haven’t used GoCar yet to try it out.”

To sign up up for GoCar please click here.

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