The new improved Gimmer is launching its token sale ahead of major corporate restructuring, early delivery of new product and opening its Beta app

The Gimmer’s ICO starts its Token Sale on June 1st.

Persio Flexa, one of the original founders, is now carrying on the project forward with a brand new team and experienced supports. He believes the change around is a game changer:

“We are glad to announce that we are now receiving help from Kick Ventures, which includes Legal, Marketing, Business Advisement and Project Management,” he says.

“KICK Ventures is considered by the market to be one of the largest and most qualified Venture Capital Builders in Latin America for Startups, currently with a winning portfolio of more than 70 Startups invested in and developed in 6 different countries (Brazil, Israel, USA, Chile, China and Estonia).”

“Also, we are about to add rocket speed to our development with two additional developers, Márcio Ribeiro and Rafael Alves,” he adds.

The revitalised and reorganised project also can announce that its Simulator is already completed ahead of schedule (previously this was planned for Q2, 2019) and is working as expected.

The new team has also added a 24/7 Virtual Machine to its roadmap. This will help users of gimmer to slash the high cost of energy bills allowing them to run their strategies 24/4 (ie non stop) on Gimmer’s virtual machines.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Gimmer Beta started on May 15  – always the sign of a mature ICO with a working Beta app. This version will allow Gimmer token holders to run their strategies with real money on the real market.

Back in early 2017, when Gimmer was really new, it launched an Alpha product and at the end of the testing phase Gimmer had 800 active users who created 7,170 trading strategies and completed 12,893 backtests.

To participate in the Gimmer Beta users must hold GMR tokens or have participated in the first sale. No Gimmer Tokens? Interested users can buy GMR during our Token Sale (starting from June 1st), to be able to participate in the Gimmer Beta!


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