By @SimonCocking. Review of Get Momentum by Jason Womack, available from Amazon here

A powerful and personalised process to improve your life and advance your career

Do you sometimes feel stuck, despite real efforts to gain momentum on goals you’ve set?

Momentum means you’re doing more than simply getting things done. It’s that feeling of satisfaction, the belief that you can achieve big goals and complete important projects that fulfil you both personally and professionally. Get Momentum coaches you in the mindset, skill set, and toolkit required to make progress on the items you have on your life and work goals faster and easier, while living a less stressful, more meaningful life. The authors, Jodi Womack and her husband Jason Womack, provide valuable insights into the psychology of change and how to direct your focus to experience fulfilment at work and in life.

The authors share what they know having built a successful executive coaching firm together, as well as facilitating leadership workshops in their home town and more than twenty countries around the world. Contrary to the promise of many self-help/business books, they believe there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success.Get Momentum teaches you how to make proactive changes based on the solid foundation of your own “quality of life” criteria. Jodi and Jason offer clear, step-by-step guidance on how to define your personal criteria so that you can Get Momentum, improve your life and enhance your career.

If you’re stuck trying to do something then this could be the book for you. It’s a quick easy read, with straight forward insights. There are 10 pages at the beginning of testimonials, in some ways it was hard to decide whether this was a good thing, or too many validations. Another way of looking at it, is that perhaps they have found something which is an issue for many more of us than we realise. In many of the other books and articles we have reviewed and written recently it’s clear that work is changing, and that this is both scary and a huge opportunity. We face the potential future where we could, potentially, be doing whatever we chose, if …, if we can visualise what it is we actually want to do, and then work out a plan of how to get there.

How to achieve momentum in your projects, insights with Jason Womack

In this context this book could be a useful one to have near your desk, to get thinking about how to stay focused, positive and on the path to becoming the creature that you always really wanted to be. As Declan Coyle called it, your Green Platform, a place of positive thoughts, and strategies to not be dissuaded by the apparently 90% of our thoughts that are negative. As mentioned in many books and studies, we still seem to be hard-wired to be guided by our lizard primaeval brain, which always reduces the world to fight or flight interpretations.

In this context, as we need to confront what the future of work might look like for us increasingly soon, ‘Getting Momentum’ may help you to start on the path to the things you’d really like to do. It’s well written, an easy quick to read book, so maybe check it out for yourself.

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