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It was of course quite a coup to get such an influential speaker like Gary Vee for the very first Dublin Tech Summit.  With this message put up the the Dublin Tech website back in December 2016, he made it quite clear to potential attendees that they needed to attend this event in order to see him in Ireland in 2017.

He is very much a “love him or hate him” type personality.  The “marmite” of speakers I guess.

The Crowd for Gary Vee Dublin tech Summit

Image courtesy of Catherine Thomas Banks (Twitter)

The introduction he was given was something else from the CEO Noelle O’Reilly.  It was like introducing someone for their Oscar win.  It was the only time the crowd shouted and clapped; as he was ushered on to the main stage.  He arrived and accepted it with his Gary Vee aplomb and started swearing from the get-go, yet no one minded, it was Gary Vee.

His talk starts from 11:20 at the Dublin Tech Summit.

He says he is an “extremely happy guy”.  His life he says is best described in “clouds and dirt”.  There are the impersonators who aren’t practitioners and then there are the people who are in the dirt that actually get themselves mucky by actually doing it.

I remember him saying that people see him in snapshots and make up their mind about him in that particular moment.  What I saw on the stage that day is not what I thought I knew of Gary Vee.  I saw a family man/business man and a vulnerability I hadn’t understood he had before.

It made me smile when he said “Who am I, that people want a photo with me?”.  He is a proud man but he still seems in touch with his roots.  Although he has a whole professional production team around him constantly, he still remains authentic to himself, no matter who else it upsets.  I wish we could all be so transparent!  He wants everyone to be the same, but I think the rest of us are more curbed as other peoples opinions matter more to us than what we think of ourselves.

Gary Vee Selfie Dublin Tech Summit

Image courtesy of Brand Ambassador

Now as interesting it was about to hear about him, he did touch on tech too!  He spoke about Twitter affectionately here (and later on a panel too).  It was his preferred platform when he started at the Wine Shop all those years ago.  He referred to Twitter as the original “Water Cooler platform”, where people would talk about everything current on it.  One interesting point he made was there is no CRM attached to it like there is on all the others.

When you imagine that all innovative systems and platforms were once described as “stupid until it’s not” (Gary Vee). You then get an idea of where he generates his talks from.  He suggests that you need to be on the right platforms for the time your audience is on it.  This is why he is on so many platforms.  Many social media platforms go in and out of fashion, through their own updates or perhaps their direct competition failing or disappearing.  He likes to have a presence on all of them so that he can drive interest on each one.

His main takeaway from him that day was:

“Be a Practitioner – work harder and have bigger vision” Gary Vee.

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