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Dublin Tech Summit Year One

It was mentioned continuously in local, national and international press over the past few months.  The marketing throughout the campaign has been extraordinary. Over 10,000 people attended the inaugural event.  When looking at the team, I’m impressed that such a massive event was co-ordinated by only 12 people!

From our entire #DTS family thank you for attending Dublin Tech Summit. See you next year!

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Online Presence for Dublin Tech Summit

I must say I was impressed with the website, it was dead easy to navigate and explore.  It explained who the event was targeted too and the opportunity for startups, partners and investors.

The Facebook page was used throughout the 2 day event to download the talks individually and you can see the talks you missed on there for reference too.  There was no real delay in getting these up, kudos to the guys doing the filming/editing.

There is a Twitter account and they went to great lengths to push that there was a hashtag #DTS but there was some confusion online with various ones, however, they all trended during the day!

You can access all of the talks on their Youtube account or on your Youtube app.

With the images making their way up on the Dublin Tech Summit Instagram, you might spot your face in the images!

Finally, the LinkedIn account gives you a hint of who is behind this phenomenon.

Day One At Dublin Tech Summit

CCD9 Dub Tech Summit

Image courtesy of Dublin Tech Summit Website

It’s impressive glass front was a window to the beginning of thousands of people going on a tech adventure into the future.

The Start Up stands were on the 0 Level, beautifully displayed with plenty of space to view, talk and learn.

The Art of Storytelling – 9:40-10:10am – Prism

The first speaker of the day on the Main Stage (Prism)was Matthew Luhn from Pixar.  He has brought to life films such as Toy Story, Ratatouille, Inside Out and Monster High and more.  He makes people laugh and cry through his storytelling.  His family has always made people feel something for generations!

If you can wrap a story around the information you wish to communicate to others, they remember it far better when you make it personal and relatable.  Even more so if you can make the experience a rollercoaster of emotions.  All the decisions people make are from a feeling, like the shoes you wear to the work you do.  They are all based on perception and feeling.  How are you making your audience feel about your products and services?

Technology for People: The Era of Intelligence – 11:00-11:30am – Prism

“Every business is a digital business” said Marc Carrel-Billiard.  There are two factors he wanted to highlight, first the “Economics of Technology” – the price point is dropping fast. The second is “Economic Context” Brexit, American Election and many other social influences, this all means he feels we are poised for big changes.

He mentioned the 5 Trends that are going to make an impact over the next few years:

  • AI is the new UI
  • Ecosystem Power Plays
  • Workforce Market Place
  • Design for Humans
  • The Uncharted
technology for people Accenture

Image courtesy of Accenture

He said “Market taker to Market Shaper” is the way forward for business from here on.  Check out this video from Microsoft, it’s a new “seeing AI” app that has recently been released:


Networking and eating at Dublin Tech Summit 2017

Image courtesy of Marie-Claire Byard

Innovation in Health through the Delivery of a Digital Vision – 12:30-13:00pm – Medtech


Amanda Neylon Dublin Tech Summit

Image courtesy of Amanda Neylon

Amanda Neylon works with Macmillan Cancer Support, which has a massive pull on social media.

The marketing tool they put in place to reach their chosen audience was to make ALL of their staff social-savvy.  They had everyone of their staff trained in Facebook and Twitter and had them comment about events coming up, new techniques being explored and social innovation within the industry.  This included part-time staff also.  This was a master stroke, it created genuine interest in the events by asserting this information to Joe Public organically.  Well worth incorporating into other business marketing plans.

She had 7 points she highlights very well as follows:

  1. Agree what digital transformation is for your business
  2. Start with the User (what are they going to get the most out of your platform?)
  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel
  4. Culture east process for breakfast
  5. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate
  6. Be brave
  7. Make new mistakes.

How to Create Product Driven Growth? 14:00-14:20 Business and Marketing

Kieran Flanagan, VP of Hubspot.  His slides on Slideshare are here.

Kieran Flanagan VP Hubspot Dublin Tech Summit

Image by Melanie Boylan

He had generated some detailed research on the saturation rate on the current platforms.  It serves to show us that the more we add content to these platforms the more familiar our audience is with this information.

Growth is very hard these days on social media channels.  You really have to understand how potentially scaleable your business can be before you invest heavily in that particular platform.

Pinterest made an interesting case study.  When they set up the “sign-on” capability through Facebook it made it very easy to join and this massively increased its take up.

He said developing “Topic Clusters” in your chosen platform would be beneficial, similar to Pinterest and investing in a Growthbot for your business like they have at Hubspot is another lead generation tool they have implemented.

Children Love Unicorns, Unicorns Love Children – 14:40-15:00 – Prism

Ben Jones was a fantastic speaker, very engaging and authentic.  He said that we are living in the “Intelligence Revolution” right now, algorithms are creating themselves these days.  He stated “38% of the jobs today will not exist by 2030”.

He suggests that people need to accept an augmented reality over the next few years.  By incorporating artificial intelligence in our everyday lives it makes creativity so much easier.  His belief is that our education system is ruining creativity in our children and making adults conform and restricted.

I would highly recommend attending next years event and I will personally be watching other talks I have missed on the dedicated Youtube channel over the coming weeks.



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