As careful as we all are, sometimes bumps and scratches happen to our (precious!) smartphones. With the ever increasing size of smartphones now, it’s becoming harder to avoid those run ins with a set of keys in your pocket and often when you do let them slip from your grasp, that big piece of glass at the front doesn’t take the sudden deceleration on impact too well.

Thankfully the accessory market is booming with protective cases and covers to help prevent those knocks and Mobile Fun have sent us a selection from their Note 4 case range to review.

First up is the Encase FlexiShield


The FlexiShield is a traditional gel type cover that mainly covers the back and sides of the device. The case fits the Note 4 snuggly, has cut outs for all the ports and recesses to accommodate the power and volume buttons. It’s a simple case that adds little bulk to the device but as with all cases like this, the front of the device is still exposed so you’ll need to take further precautions to protect that. The case is available for €8.49

Next up is the ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case


The ArmourDillo is more heavy duty case that will offer greater impact protection than most cases. All cut outs are in the correct place and it also includes a handy slide out stand on the back which is useful when watching clips or movies on the device. The ArmourDillo retails for €17.49

Next is the first of two wallet style cases, the Encase Wallet Stand Case


This wallet case is probably my favourite out of the four that Mobile Fun sent to us. The faux brown leather gives it a stylish appearance and the case has been constructed in a manner that makes it very thin but still offers good protection. This case also bends in the centre at the rear to allow it to act as a stand as you can see in the images above. This case also retails at €17.49

Last up is the Encase Black/ Tan Wallet Case


This case is slightly bigger than the previous one but does incorporate a magnetic latch to keep the case closed. The leather is softer to the touch and on the inside of the front cover there is slots for business cards or even bank cards. There is a further slot hidden under them running from top to bottom. The stitching and finish of both cases is to a high standard which means they should stand the test of time better than some of the cheaper cases out there. This case is priced at €17.49

For more information on these cases or to view accessories for different smartphones, check out Mobile Fun’s website on this link.

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