By @TheMarkDalton.

Twitter is going through a major executive shake up as of Sunday night when the head of engineering, media, product and Vine all decided to exit the company. They were not forced out, they were not asked by Twitter to leave, instead they all left on the same day on their own accord. 

CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed the departures on Twitter stating that all four chose to leave the company as well as giving details about what their job roles were at Twitter over the past number of years.

The news came following rumours that a high profile media personality is to be named to the board at some point today. Sources close to Twitter say that the departures are part of a long-planned restructuring. The four executives in question are – Katie Stanton, head of media, Kevin Weil, head of product, Alex Roetter, head of engineering and Jason Toff, head of Vine – they were all close allies of former CEO Dick Costolo and “were not people in whom Jack has the highest faith,” a source told Mashable.

The above executives addressed their departures publicly on Twitter.

It is a major executive restructuring for Twitter which has done little to reassure investors and users that the service is changing for the better over the past number of months.

Jack Dorsey is under tremendous pressure to give Twitter a new identity and a fresh new approach which appeals to a much wider audience while still keeping the hardcore Twitter users relatively happy. Chris Sacca is a Twitter shareholder who has made his feelings known on the company in the past and while he did not reveal who would be joining the Twitter board he appeared to offer a formal endorsement of the changes in a tweet yesterday.

Twitter’s stock has continued to get hammered this year and has repeatedly sank to new all time lows. As a result of poor performance in the stock markets and with investors, Jack Dorsey lost his billionaire status last week. Since November 2014, 8 executives have left the company.

However, the silver lining is that these new appointments could be the start of something new. It could be the start of the new change that Twitter needs to launch itself into the middle of the pile. Hopefully the appointments that Twitter announce to the board will be for the better.

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